Working During Your Vacation

Working During Your Vacation

You have a​ vacation coming up,​ but you’ve been everywhere and seen everything that you wanted to​ see. Maybe you have a​ lot of​ vacation time amassed and you know you’ve been blessed with material assets that others don’t have. if​ so,​ maybe you should consider going on​ a​ Volunteer Vacation. There are many opportunities available to​ take an​ interesting vacation and still make a​ difference in​ your world. You can work in​ a​ partner program where you will work side by side with local people to​ improve their community. You might work in​ the​ area you are most interested in. Do you have building skills? Are you a​ medical professional? You can be used in​ various communities both here and abroad to​ help the​ disadvantaged get the​ medical care they need.

Other opportunities are offered all over the​ world. You could volunteer in​ an​ orphanage,​ a​ school,​ caring for the​ elderly,​ or​ working with people with disabilities. What ever your interests,​ there are opportunities for you to​ make your vacation a​ volunteer experience. it​ will inspire you and make you thankful for all you have been blessed with.

With the​ natural disasters we​ have experienced in​ the​ past year,​ many places could use help in​ rebuilding and cleaning up. the​ tsunami relief is​ still far from being completed. Many miles of​ beaches still need to​ be cleaned and many are still without shelter. Put your building skills to​ work to​ help the​ unfortunate countries that were affected.

Do you lean more toward ecological projects? Those can be found as​ well. in​ the​ past 12 months,​ a​ volunteer group has spent many hours rehabilitating sick penguins so they can be released into the​ wild in​ South Africa. Released turtle hatchlings in​ Costa Rica and cleaning vast amounts of​ beach area in​ Sri Lanka. Other projects include,​ erecting a​ fence to​ protect wildlife in​ Australia,​ replanting over 2000 saplings to​ restore a​ forest in​ Kenya and helped preserve Griffon Vultures in​ Croatia.

If you prefer to​ work with people,​ you may be able to​ help with teaching English as​ a​ second language. One organization has organized a​ camp to​ help children fight drug addiction. Another has taught basic sports skills and helped with educational development for children in​ underprivileged countries.

Meaningful volunteer vacations can be a​ worthwhile project for anyone wanting to​ help the​ world become a​ better place. to​ promote goodwill and let other countries know that we​ as​ Americans care.

The Church I belong to​ takes a​ missionary trip every year. They have fund-raising events,​ and those that go work to​ raise the​ money for their travel. They may go and finish a​ project started by another church,​ or​ start a​ new project. the​ Church that is​ sending the​ group often supplies building supplies. Teens have gone on​ mission trips to​ conduct one-week Bible Schools. My son had the​ opportunity to​ go on​ one of​ these mission trips and that one trip changed his life forever. He learned that volunteer work could be rewarding and unforgettable. There was time for him to​ visit the​ local sites and work with the​ locals on​ something that was important to​ them. He used his experience on​ that trip to​ go to​ a​ large city here in​ the​ States to​ minister to​ inner city youths during one of​ his summer college breaks.

I found many different sites on​ the​ Internet that gives you the​ choice of​ where you want to​ volunteer. is​ there an​ area you have never thought of​ visiting? Maybe a​ news story has made you curious about an​ area,​ or​ stirred your heart,​ making you want to​ make a​ difference. Can one person make a​ difference? the​ answer is​ a​ resounding YES. You can take projects for as​ short as​ one week to​ as​ long as​ 12 weeks. You choose what will interest you and where you would like to​ go.

Why not take advantage to​ see a​ part of​ the​ world you would not have the​ occasion to​ visit and change the​ lives of​ people in​ that area. You can have a​ life changing experience,​ a​ vacation to​ remember and do your part in​ working for peace and understanding around the​ world.

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