Work At Home Opportunities Ignore Failure

Work At Home Opportunities Ignore Failure

Because failing at​ a​ task makes us sad with feelings of​ unworthiness, many people choose not to​ take any risk. These individuals live their lives in​ quiet desperation because they have such high aspirations for their lives. The problem is​ these individuals are paralyzed by fear, they can't live or​ do what they really want because they are afraid to​ fail.

But if​ we don't dare to​ dream and achieve, then nothing can be gained. Nothing happens. in​ spite of​ all the pep talks and the seminars, the fear of​ failure can be so strong and overwhelming that people become stagnant in​ a​ life that they do not want.

Starting a​ home-based business might seem easy to​ most people. But, for those who fear ridicule from family and friends, trying to​ start a​ home-based business is​ not an​ option. Some moments of​ failure follow us from the early years of​ our lives to​ adulthood.

Failures come in​ many colors and levels of​ intensity. There are some failures that are easy to​ get over. We can make a​ brilliant argument for the reason we did not jump in​ the lake with the other teenagers. We were the only that had common sense at​ 8 years of​ age.

We take pride in​ ourselves and our good sense. This type of​ failure allows us to​ explain our fear away while feeling good about the tasks that we did not accomplish.

But as​ we grow older, we must approach the working world from a​ different angle. Making excuses becomes our substitute for failure. We didn't apply for that senior management position because "its not our bag”. These excuses are not lost on co-workers. They know you didn't try because you were afraid you would not get the position.

Some failures that are viewed by others make us gag with embarrassment. This kind of​ failure is​ persistent and damaging to​ our self-image. When our co-workers watch us fall on our face during the high level presentation, there is​ a​ physical anguish that accompanies this failure.

The worst feeling of​ failure is​ when we do our best and still fall short of​ the goal. This failure is​ pervasive and sinister. But what the situation should do is​ make us try harder. We should never give up. Failure is​ not an​ option in​ the life of​ a​ home business owner. We might start to​ feel desperate and start planning how to​ make our exit from not only the room but this whole "life thing"

In Napoleon Hills famous and renowned work "Think & Grow Rich" there is​ a​ list of​ " 'The 30 Major Causes of​ Failure'. The only one that applies to​ the person reading this article is​ "Lack of​ ambition to​ Aim above the Mediocrity - The book states "We offer no hope for the person who is​ so indifferent as​ not to​ want to​ get ahead in​ life, and who is​ NOT willing to​ pay the price.

The price of​ success is​ the courage to​ ignore family and friend. The price is​ to​ try again and go through the intelligent selection process and find a​ home based business that will work for you. The price may be time. You may need time to​ get over the most recent failure and time to​ get back up and try again.

Don’t be tempted to​ stop your search to​ find your Shangri-La. Do not leave in​ the middle of​ the race for fear of​ failure. Whenever you feel distressed or​ overburdened by "fear" just focus on how wonderful success will feel. Close your eyes and envision, the car, the house, the faces of​ friends and family when you "Make it". Your fear can bring nothing but heartache. Your Success creates more success.

Work At Home Opportunities Ignore Failure

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