Work At Home Mom Summer Survival Guide

Work At Home Mom Summer Survival Guide

Work At Home Mom Summer Survival Guide
Working at​ home during the​ summer creates challenges for​ the​ WAHM .​
As the​ summer begins, there’s a​ lot to​ keep the​ kids entertained and​ give Mom time to​ work on her business .​
As the​ summer progresses, however, choruses of​ ‘Mom I’m bored’ ring out, causing otherwise mild mannered Moms to​ throw up their hands in​ complete desperation; right before they start planning an​ escape route.
Moms can’t escape for​ too long however, and​ kids have an​ uncanny knack of​ finding the​ hiding spot anyway .​
So what can you do to​ keep your business in​ tact during the​ summer months when the​ cherubs are effectively running the​ show?
How flexible are you? No, I​ don’t mean can you play a​ mean game of​ Twister while baking a​ pan of​ blueberry muffins, but rather, how willing or​ able are you to​ adjust your normal work at​ home day to​ meet the​ ever changing demands of​ tireless children?
Leslie Spencer, founder of​ Home Based Working Hom, suggests using a​ laptop with a​ wireless internet connection .​
You’ll be a​ mobile mom, able to​ take your work anywhere your kids go.
Planning and​ preparation will make your life less stressful .​
Before summer vacation begins, do some research to​ find local youth programs being offered and​ enroll your kids .​
Make lists of​ ‘things to​ do’ and​ have ready all of​ the​ needed supplies so your school age kids can entertain themselves.
Be realistic .​
Come to​ terms with the​ fact that you may not be as​ productive during the​ summer, and​ schedule your work to​ make the​ best use of​ your time.
Summer challenges for​ WAHMs do not have to​ cripple your business .​
Find local groups and​ activities for​ your kids to​ participate in​ and​ remember, time with your kids will pass all too soon, and​ summer vacation is​ just one part of​ WAHM life.

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