Woodworking Tools A Detailed Guide

Woodworking Tools A Detailed Guide

Woodworking is​ a​ popular and relaxing hobby. When you get started,​ you will need a​ variety of​ woodworking tools. You don’t need to​ spend a​ fortune to​ get started. By purchasing what you can used and shopping for discount tools you can build your collection without spending a​ fortune.

Chisels: Look for high quality,​ durable chisels,​ as​ these will get a​ lot of​ use. Rockler woodworking chisels are durable and affordable. You will need a​ variety of​ chisels in​ sizes from ¼ to​ 2 inches wide,​ depending on​ the​ project. Chisels can be used by hand or​ you can tap them with a​ wood mallet.

Clamps are needed for gluing projects together. a​ wide variety of​ sizes are available. These are generally inexpensive,​ so pick them up whenever you find them. These can often be found used in​ good condition. Pick them up whenever you find them cheap to​ build your collection.

Squares are important for accurate measuring. You will need a​ framing square or​ a​ carpenter square. a​ try square is​ often used in​ furniture making. These come in​ sizes from three to​ twelve inches. Look for squares that are marked in​ inches and metric. a​ combination square has two pieces: a​ head on​ a​ steel blade. These are a​ great tool for measuring 45 or​ 90 degree angles.

Drills come in​ corded or​ cordless models. Corded drills work well and are less expensive. Great features to​ look for include reverse,​ variable speed controls and attachments for a​ drill press. if​ you want a​ cordless drill,​ look for high voltage batteries to​ be sure it​ will have adequate power. Look for a​ model with two batteries,​ so one can be charging while you work with the​ other. You will need a​ variety of​ drill bits for woodworking projects.

Hand planes are made of​ steel or​ wood and are used for a​ variety of​ purposes. a​ jack plane is​ used for rough shaping and comes in​ twelve to​ fifteen inch sizes. a​ block plane is​ used for trimming. Smoothing planes are good for fine cuts and are eight or​ nine inches long.

Other tools you will need include:

o 16 ounce claw hammer
o wrenches
o screwdrivers
o tape measure
o safety glasses
o sand paper
o level
o hack saw
o pliers
o hand saw

Finding Woodworking Tools

Don’t rush out to​ buy the​ cheapest tools you can find to​ supply your workshop. Wait until you can afford quality items that will last. Buying cheap tools is​ a​ decision you could well live to​ regret. a​ good set will last for years,​ unlike cheap tools which will have to​ be replaced many times over the​ same time period.

The internet is​ a​ good place to​ search for discount woodworking tools. Look for well known names,​ such as​ Rockwell tools,​ Sears tools,​ Hitachi tools and Ridgid tools. Rockler woodworking tools are well known for quality. By purchasing major brands that are known for quality,​ you are more likely to​ end up with a​ product that will give you years of​ dependable use.

One way to​ find quality tools at​ an​ affordable price is​ to​ buy them used. These can be found at​ flea markets,​ yard sales,​ antique auctions or​ your local classifieds. Tools are often in​ good shape,​ particularly if​ they got little use. Hand tools are almost always a​ good bet when purchased used.

Be careful when purchasing used power tools. They are generally good if​ they were gently or​ rarely used. Check them out thoroughly and try them to​ be sure they are in​ good condition. Ask about how often they were used and when they were first purchased to​ get a​ better idea of​ the​ overall condition.

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