Woodland Hills Ca Relocation Information

Woodland Hills Ca Relocation Information

Woodland Hills, CA Relocation Information
Woodland Hills
Woodland Hills is​ a​ community within the City of​ Los Angeles. it​ is​ located in​ the southwestern area of​ the San Fernando Valley, northeast of​ Calabasas and west of​ Tarzana. to​ the north Woodland Hills is​ bordered by West Hills, Canoga Park, and Winnetka. Running eastwest through the community is​ U. S. Route 101 Ventura Freeway and Ventura Boulevard, which starts in​ Woodland Hills.
Victor Girard Kleinberger later known as​ simply Victor Girard bought 2,886 acres 12 km² in​ the area and founded Girard in​ 1922. He sought to​ attract residents and businesses by developing the land, advertising in​ newspapers, and planting 120,000 trees. Although much of​ his development provided a​ dubious facade of​ economic activity in​ Girard local lore has it​ that in​ order to​ attract development he erected false store fronts on Ventura Blvd. , for which he spent time in​ jail, the Girard Golf Course completed in​ 1925 continues to​ operate today as​ the Woodland Hills Country Club, and his scheme was successful in​ attracting interest in​ the community.
The town suffered through the Great Depression yet survived. in​ 1941, the community was renamed Woodland Hills, an appropriate name owing to​ all the trees that Girard had planted years earlier. Harry Warner came along in​ the 1940s and bought 1,100 acres 4. 5 km² in​ the area for a​ horse ranch. The modern Warner Center commercial zone is​ named for Harry and features several highrise buildings, hotels, and shopping centers in​ Woodland Hills. a​ major transit hub — the western end of​ the Orange Line — opened here in​ October 2018.
The population living in​ Woodland Hills nears 70,000.
Schools serving Woodland Hills are operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The schools include Lockhurst Elementary School, Woodlake Elementary School, Woodland Hills Elementary School, Calabash St. Elementary School, Hale Middle School, Parkman Middle School, and Louisville High School on the Calabasas border. El Camino Real High School and William Howard Taft High School are multiple United States Academic Decathlon winners.
Los Angeles Pierce College is​ also located in​ Woodland Hills.
As of​ the census of​ 2000, there were 61,092 people. 74. 8% White, 3. 4% African American, 7. 2% Hispanic/Latino, 5. 9% Asian, and 6. 8% Two or​ more races. Median age 40. 8 Average household size 2. 66 Median household income 1999 $70,411.
Famous Residents
Born and raised in​ Woodland Hills

Brad Garrett, actor who played Robert on Everybody Loves Raymond

Janel Moloney, actress on The West Wing

Jan Smithers, actor on WKRP in​ Cincinnati

Hanshi Frank W DuxRenowned Ninjutsu master
Prior to​ being convicted of​ fraud, teenage entrepreneur Barry Minkow bought a​ mansion in​ Woodland Hills.
Many Hollywood notables spent their later years at​ the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital.
Jamal Anderson, NFL football player
Ted Cassidy, actor who played Lurch on The Addams Family lived here until he died in​ 1979 his ashes were supposedly buried in​ his yard
Lisa Kudrow, actress on Friends graduated from William Howard Taft High School

Paige Hurd, actress who played Vanessa in​ Beauty Shop
Sara Paxton, actress

Will Smith, actor, R&B singer
Xzibit, hiphop artist
Noel Webb, violinist and composer.
Val Lauren, Actor
Frys Electronics store #8
Health Net, Inc. headquarters
Information Technology Channel main office
Panavision headquarters
United Online headquarters
Westfield Shoppingtown Promenade
Westfield Shoppingtown Topanga Plaza borders Canoga Park
21st Century Insurance is​ headquartered in​ Woodland Hills

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Woodland Hills Ca Relocation Information

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