Woodcraft Magazine The Woodcrafters Favorite Reading

Woodcraft Magazine: the​ Woodcrafter’s Favorite Reading
Woodcraft Magazine was begu​n in​ 2004 by the​ Woodcraft Supply Corporation, whose founders realized that there was a​ need for​ a​ regular publication written by woodworkers for​ the​ large and​ growing number of​ woodworkers .​
the​ first issue of​ Woodcraft Magazine was published in​ November of​ 2004 to​ very positive acclaim, and​ within a​ year had been honored with a​ number of​ awards.
Among them were:
The Crystal Award of​ Excellence, in​ the​ magazine category, Award of​ Distinction in​ the​ magazine writing category, and​ an​ Honorable Mention in​ the​ magazine photography category for​ the​ Communicator Awards 2018 Print Media Competition;
The Award for​ Publication Excellence in​ the​ new magazines category at​ the​ 2018 APEX awards, based on outstanding graphics and​ editorial content;
and five separate awards at​ the​ 2018 Marcom Creative Awards in​ the​ magazine, magazine writing, magazine interior creativity and​ design, magazine photography, and​ magazine creativity categories.
Woodcraft Magazine’s Formula
Woodcraft Magazine’s formula for​ success is​ relatively simple; its seven annual issues are designed to​ have content which will offer information on woodworkers and​ project woodcrafting products, and​ woodcraft project suggestions and​ plans for​ woodworkers of​ every degree of​ expertise .​
Woodworkers are invited to​ submit their own articles or​ ideas on articles they’d like to​ see.
The projects articles are extremely popular among Woodcraft Magazine’s readership .​
They present the​ audience with a​ finished woodworking project and​ then lead them through the​ process step-by-step, from its initial design and​ materials selection to​ the​ actual carving and​ finishing of​ the​ piece .​
With each bi-monthly issue, the​ readers are given a​ new project, so the​ most avid of​ them will have some woodworking to​ do all year long.
Woodcraft Magazine also devotes many of​ its articles to​ interviews with the​ premiere woodworkers of​ today, who generously share the​ secrets to​ their success .​
and​ each issue Woodcraft Magazine also contains the​ latest on woodworking products .​
They cover the​ entire range of​ items and​ information sources useful to​ woodcrafters, from the​ newest power and​ hand tools to​ woodworking classes and​ books .​
if​ an​ item has any bearing on the​ art of​ woodcrafting, it​ will eventually get a​ mention in​ Woodcraft Magazine .​
For more info see www.allthingswoodworking.com/Woodcraft_Plans on Woodcraft Plans.
Becoming a​ Reader
While Woodcraft Magazine is​ far from available on all the​ newsstands of​ the​ world, accessing it​ has never been easier, thanks to​ the​ Internet .​
You can order you one or​ two-year subscription online, and​ at​ a​ savings off the​ cover price of​ 44% to​ 58%!.
Woodcraft magazine also offers extensive and​ excellent reviews of​ the​ latest products relevant to​ the​ hobby .​
Whether they be power tools, basic equipment, tutorial services, finished products or​ the​ likes, for​ as​ long as​ woodcraft aficionados would find some interest in​ them, rest assured that they will be featured in​ the​ magazine's pages.
The publication also features the​ most prominent and​ respected personalities in​ the​ industry .​
Thorough interviews can be found inside where these experts share their tips and​ techniques for​ an​ amazing learning experience that everyone can enjoy.

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