Womens Magazines Update For Todays Woman

Womens Magazines Update for​ Todays Woman
Women’s Magazines like most other magazine genres have experienced a​ decline in​ both newsstand and​ subscription sales .​
Though magazines focusing on women such as​ Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, etc .​
have name recognition, this is​ not necessarily translating into sales.
Many of​ the​ magazines for​ women are similar in​ content, and​ fail to​ give prospective and​ current readers what they want .​
Magazines should be timely, and​ reflect the​ tastes and​ interests of​ their readers; something popular women’s magazines are obviously failing to​ do.
It can be disappointing to​ make the​ decision to​ discontinue a​ subscription to​ what was once was a​ favorite magazine, but can be necessary when the​ editorial focus changes, or​ fails to​ make necessary changes in​ order to​ retain their readership.
Women’s Magazines are not a​ lost cause, and​ can of​ course bounce back .​
Publishers and​ editors should think about what the​ average modern women is, and​ then creating a​ publication specific to​ her should not be a​ problem .​
Just in​ case, they happen to​ be stuck, below is​ list of​ tips for​ updating women’s magazines.
Reports and​ Investigative Stories Relative to​ Women
While women care about fashion and​ accessories, and​ most of​ us care a​ little too much about the​ personal lives of​ our favorite celebrities there is​ definitely a​ place for​ timely relevant issues .​
Unfortunately, women’s magazines can often provide a​ rather shallow perspective of​ what they believe interest women.
Feature reports about diseases that are affecting women, fertility issues, career stories and​ advice would be a​ welcome change .​
Current statistics suggest that more women are entering college than men .​
The smart intelligent women of​ today should be treated accordingly, and​ articles on wearing a​ round toe in​ a​ pointy toe season will not garner much interest in​ the​ long term and​ potentially turn off readers.
Put Real Women on the​ Cover
Popular actresses such as​ Jennifer Anniston, and​ Nicole Kidman featured on magazine covers undoubtedly sell issues, but so would women in​ the​ top of​ their fields in​ other industries .​
The successful women of​ today are running multi-million dollar corporations, but most of​ them are not known outside of​ the​ business world.
These fantastic women can serve as​ an​ inspiration to​ women who are looking to​ have it​ all, a​ family and​ career .​
In addition, featuring women from different cultures and​ walks of​ life is​ just a​ reflection of​ women in​ society .​
Not all women can make a​ connection to​ the​ size zero waif like actresses and​ models .​
However, they may be able to​ see themselves in​ extraordinary teachers, doctors, lawyers, stay at​ home moms and​ actresses .​
Women’s magazine should be for​ everyone woman, not just one type of​ woman.
Promote Realistic Body Images
The average woman is​ a​ size 14 .​
The clothes featured in​ most women and​ fashion magazines are for​ women of​ a​ much smaller size .​
The idea that women cannot be stylish and​ beautiful if​ they are not as​ thin as​ a​ model promotes a​ very unhealthy body image .​
In most instances these body types and​ sizes are unattainable and​ those trying to​ conform to​ this standard can resort to​ unsafe measures.
Featuring clothes in​ all sizes is​ essential, especially since the​ target audience is​ women with a​ myriad of​ dress sizes .​
The plus size women would appreciate seeing clothes just for​ them that are fun, stylish and​ up to​ date corresponding with today’s trends.
While the​ sales trends for​ women’s magazine will not reverse overnight, addressing the​ needs of​ today’s woman will definitely result in​ increases over time .​
a​ devoted readership will develop from consumers who feel an​ affinity and​ desire to​ be faithful to​ a​ publication that is​ true to​ their wants and​ needs.

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