Womens Guide To Getting Their Dream Diamond Engagement Ring

Women’s Guide to​ Getting Their Dream Diamond Engagement Ring
How can women get their dream diamond engagement ring when it​ is​ the boyfriend making the purchase and wanting it​ to​ be a​ surprise? To find the answer you need to​ understand your man’s thought process .​
After all, he is​ shopping for a​ diamond, the symbol of​ his love for you.
The man shopping for an​ engagement diamond has three primary shopping priorities:
1) They want to​ make a​ good investment
2) They want to​ make you happy
3) They fear disappointing you or​ worse yet, rejection
On all three points, men act out of​ fear of​ making a​ mistake .​
Their pride and desire to​ surprise their girlfriend typically prohibit them from asking the woman’s advice .​
As men so often do, they try to​ apply logic to​ what is​ a​ very emotional decision.
Most men attack diamond shopping the same as​ any other problem they face .​
They research the subject, gather all the facts (often in​ a​ spreadsheet), and then make a​ logical decision .​
They assume you will have the same priorities they have so they focus on what will be a​ good investment .​
They seek a​ high quality diamond fearing that anything less will as​ somehow imply some lower level of​ love.
The man’s first stop is​ often the jewelry store in​ the closest shopping mall .​
They walk in​ the door and realize they just entered a​ world foreign to​ them .​
They look at​ rings in​ the display cases and see more zeros in​ the price tag than they have seen since they bought their car .​
Their heart starts pounding as​ they realize they have to​ spend thousands of​ dollars on a​ tiny little rock they know nothing about, then give it​ away to​ someone else or​ worse yet, face rejection .​

Now their legs are shaking so they decide they need to​ do more research and do it​ in​ a​ friendlier environment .​
They head home, turn on the computer, and start searching online for clues on how to​ survive the diamond buying process .​
Their goal is​ to​ find a​ pretty ring their girlfriend will like and have a​ few dollars left in​ their pocket .​
They feel more comfortable with the discussions of​ the four C’s (color, clarity, carat weight and cut) where they can match up those letter grades with their budget to​ find some possible options .​
However, with a​ little knowledge comes the sinking feeling that there is​ a​ whole lot more for them to​ learn in​ order to​ protect themselves from making an​ expensive mistake .​
They become even more determined not to​ make a​ mistake so they spend the next weeks and months gathering ever fact and opinion they can find on diamond buying .​
It is​ almost like trying to​ get a​ drink from a​ fire hydrant .​
There is​ just too much to​ drink in.
It is​ at​ this stage of​ the shopping process men sometimes forget the reason they started on this adventure in​ the first place .​
They can lose sight of​ the fact that their primary goal is​ to​ make their girlfriend happy.
If you are a​ woman, by now you are probably getting the picture .​
However, you are asking yourself, what should I​ do to​ help ensure the diamond of​ my dreams and the proposal moment as​ romantic as​ I​ hope?
Here are some suggestions that can help make your dreams come true:
1) Do some shopping yourself so you can tell your boyfriend what shape of​ diamond you like best on your finger .​
Do not leave it​ up to​ him to​ guess wrong.
2) If you sense this is​ going to​ be mostly a​ surprise gift, drop some subtle hints about what kind of​ mounting (solitaire, side stones, etc.) you want for your diamond .​
If you do not know, hint you want something very simple so he does not make an​ expensive mistake.
3) If you have a​ strong preference for the type of​ metal in​ the ring (yellow gold, white gold, platinum), find a​ way to​ tell him.
4) If you have the type of​ relationship that supports it, get involved in​ the diamond buying process .​
There are more couples shopping together for the engagement ring now than ever before and the result is​ often higher levels of​ happiness and lower levels of​ stress.
Many couples now shop together so the boyfriend knows what shape of​ diamond the girlfriend likes, knows what style of​ mounting she likes and then he takes that knowledge to​ buy the ring on his own timetable and make the presentation a​ surprise.
The bottom line is​ your man is​ trying, to​ the best of​ his ability, to​ do all the right things to​ make you happy .​
You just need to​ be patient and try to​ appreciate the effort he is​ making on your behalf .​
If you would like to​ see this diamond gift giving repeated, then by all means tell him how proud you are of​ his research show him how much you love that sparkling diamond on your finger.

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