Women Magazine Writers Breaking Into The Game

Women Magazine Writers Breaking Into The Game

As women, we have an​ edge over men when it​ comes to​ our abilities to​ listen and​ to​ communicate. When we combine those qualities with strong writing skills, we can become topnotch news and​ feature writers for​ magazines. But, as​ anyone who has tried to​ make a​ name in​ magazine writing knows, it's not always easy to​ break into and​ stay in​ the​ game. Here are some tips to​ give you an​ edge.

Build a​ Portfolio

If you want to​ be a​ magazine writer, you're going to​ need a​ portfolio of​ published work. if​ you haven't been published, start writing for​ the​ Web - it's the​ easiest place to​ get published these days. if​ you can't get a​ paid writing gig, then write for​ free - but make sure that the​ pieces you write have your byline. You can also write for​ your own website or​ blog; just make sure that you're impeccable with your writing style and​ grammar, and​ avoid ranting about controversial topics.

Whether you have a​ fistful of​ clippings or​ only have a​ few links, it's important to​ get your portfolio online. Keep in​ mind that content on the​ Web is​ constantly changing, so don't rely on links to​ your articles. if​ you have Web content in​ your portfolio, take a​ screen shot of​ your piece and​ turn it​ into a​ PDF file. the​ same holds true for​ your print articles. Editors don't want to​ receive a​ stack of​ copied clippings; they want to​ be able to​ see your work with a​ few mouse clicks. So turn your portfolio into a​ set of​ PDFs and​ put them on your website.

Find Your Niche

If you're a​ good writer, you can most likely write about almost any topic. Nevertheless, in​ order to​ market yourself, it's best to​ find your niche. Maybe you excel in​ delving into medical journals and​ writing about health topics. Perhaps you're an​ ace interviewer and​ can write exceptional profiles. it​ could be that you have a​ depth and​ breadth of​ knowledge about a​ very specific topic, such as​ women's infertility. Or, maybe you have a​ natural ability to​ write for​ a​ teenage readership. Understanding your niche will help you pitch the​ right topics to​ the​ right magazines.

Be Pitch Perfect

Most magazine editors receive pitches from dozens of​ freelancers every week. in​ order to​ get noticed, your pitch has to​ be fantastic. Start by doing your research, and​ only pitch to​ magazines that fit your niche. Don't overlook local or​ regional magazines; in​ fact, savvy writers can turn their regional writing into syndicated pieces that they can sell over and​ over again.

It's also important to​ make your pitch specific. if​ you're going to​ pitch an​ article about women's infertility, for​ example, tell the​ editor the​ angle you're going to​ use and​ why it's fresh, the​ experts you're going to​ interview, and​ what her readers will get out of​ the​ article. Suggest sidebars and, if​ you can provide artwork, include that as​ well.

Underpromise and​ Overdeliver

Once you get the​ gig, make sure you're every editor's dream-come-true. Submit your article early, provide the​ names and​ contact information of​ your sources so they can be fact-checked, and​ don't whine if​ you need to​ do a​ revision or​ two. Once your piece is​ published, drop the​ editor a​ thank you note and​ let her know that you'd love to​ work with her again. That way, you're sure to​ be at​ the​ top of​ her list the​ next time she's handing out assignments, and​ you'll be a​ bone fide women's magazine writer!

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