Women's Magazine Publishing

Women's Magazine Publishing

Woman on Top the​ World of​ Women’s Magazine Publishing
To date, there are at ​ least 115 magazines published around the​ world that specially caters to women. ​
The women’s magazine publishing has been a​ lucrative industry. ​
These magazines do not only focus on fashion, shoes and​ ​ shopping but also to any interest that concerns women. ​
May it​ be about parenting, health, sports or​ any imaginable activity that women would be interested into like pottery, tattoo or​ woodworking. ​
The following are some of​ the​ famous and​ ​ the​ notsoordinary titles in the​ women’s magazine publishing. ​

The Lady’s Magazine
Also known as, hold your breaths, Entertaining Companion for​ the​ Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to the​ Use and​ ​ Amusement, the​ Lady’s Magazine is​ the​ first women’s magazine. ​
it​ is​ a​ monthly magazine that was produced from 1770 to 1837. ​

Love, Pearls and​ ​ Swine Magazine
The unique name of​ this online magazine is​ derived from Matthew 76 of​ the​ Holy Bible. ​
The verse says, Don’t give what is​ holy to unholy people. ​
Don’t give pearls to swine! They will trample the​ pearls, then turn and​ ​ attack you. ​
The magazine aims to guide young women who want to get to most out of​ living in a​ modern society while still upholding their Christian values. ​
it​ takes on different topics, from growing pains and​ ​ faith to fashion and​ ​ beauty. ​
Abi Olukeye is​ the​ magazine’s current EditorinChief. ​

Who is​ MarieClaire? Jean Provoust, the​ magazine’s creator, must be thinking of​ the​ ideal French woman when he named this magazine when it​ was first published in 1937. ​
When WWII began, the​ publication of​ the​ magazine was ceased until 1954. ​
Jean Provoust’s daughter Evelyn later took over when he retired in 1976. ​
The magazine’s theme is​ More than Just a​ Pretty Face. ​
it​ makes sure that the​ magazines talks about topics that are relevant to the​ modern woman. ​
They include politics and​ ​ social issues alongside fashion, beauty and​ ​ lifestyle in their issues. ​
it​ is​ distributed to twentytwo countries other than the​ United States. ​

Sports Illustrated for​ Women
Sports Illustrated for​ Women is​ published by the​ one of​ the​ industry’s largest magazine publishing firm, the​ Time Inc. ​
From ten issues per year, Sports Illustrated Women or​ SI Women has published later on two magazines in a​ month. ​
The magazine has been attracting women’s attention since women are more interested as​ participants when it​ comes to sports. ​
Sadly, the​ magazine only lasted for​ two years with twenty issues on it. ​

Zane Rouze
ZaneRouze is​ the​ Iranian translation of​ Today’s Woman. ​
it​ is​ published in Iran by the​ publishing house Kayhan during Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s rule. ​
Kayhan is​ also known to publish other magazines for​ sports and​ ​ children. ​
After the​ Shah of​ Iran was overthrown in 1979, the​ company continued its operation in London. ​
ZaneRouze has then shifted its focus, from gossips to women empowerment. ​

Every American teenager must have heard this magazine. ​
Seventeen has been first published in 1944 and​ ​ still continues to enjoy popularity among girls in their tweens and​ ​ early twenty’s. ​
The magazine features beauty, fashion, health articles and​ ​ celebrity news. ​
They also have a​ regular section called Dear Seventeen which gives advices to young women. ​
it​ has six other international editions in South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, India and​ ​ in Hispanic countries. ​

The Delineator
This magazines name may sound like the​ Terminator but it​ is​ definitely a​ women’s magazine. ​
it​ is​ subtitled as​ a​ Journal of​ Fashion, Culture, and​ ​ Fine Arts. ​
it​ was published from 1873 to 1937 by the​ magazine publishing house Butterick. ​
Although it​ has already ceased publication, the​ magazine is​ still a​ sensation among Art Deco lovers.
It features Victorian styled fashion on its cover with careful details on the​ clothes, perhaps to serve as​ a​ guide for​ the​ tailors. ​

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