Women In Advertisements

Women In Advertisements

Women in​ Advertisements
Featuring a​ female model in​ advertisements initially started with advertisements on products like ​alcohol​ and​ adult entertainment. the​ trend then spread like a​ wildfire in​ the​ market and​ is​ still being widely used although being exaggerated. it​ has become a​ compulsion now to​ have a​ beautiful model in​ all kinds of​ advertisement, which sometimes seems unnecessary. They seem to​ sell anything from shaving gel to​ cars.
Many women right activists say that the​ women are being projected as​ merely an object by such advertisements. But the​ harsh truth is​ that advertisements featuring women is​ influencing viewers of​ all ages and​ advertisers have realized this. the​ advertisement starts with an attractive woman posing in​ seductive ways followed by the​ product or​ the​ service offered by the​ company. the​ beauty of​ the​ model already lures the​ customer, so advertisers do not have to​ put in​ more effort to​ motivate them.
But there are certain drawbacks in​ using women models in​ some advertisements and​ if​ a​ consumer is​ smart enough, it​ won’t take time for​ him to​ realize that. it​ is​ totally irrelevant to​ feature a​ female model or​ an actress in​ advertisement promoting men products. Some good examples of​ this point are showing a​ woman in​ axe deodorant commercial and​ comparison of​ a​ partially nude woman’s body to​ the​ body of​ a​ car. Second drawback is​ due to​ more concentration on the​ model, the​ attention deserved by the​ product is​ not sufficient. the​ main focus of​ the​ advertisement is​ lost.
Surprisingly only few male models advertises for​ male oriented products. Even a​ picture of​ a​ woman on an Internet commercial seems not logical to​ some extent, as​ there are thirty percent of​ female internet users and​ seventy percent of​ male internet users, worldwide. to​ add to​ it, advertisers cannot explain why beautiful bodies bring success to​ advertisement.
Advertisements are convincing and​ motivating tool, which can leave a​ deep impact on the​ minds of​ the​ viewers and​ plays a​ major role in​ molding the​ culture and​ attitude of​ the​ people. Expansive and​ extensive portraying of​ women in​ this manner merely reduces their image to​ an object of​ passion. Emphasis is​ laid only on the​ physical beauty of​ the​ woman like features, body curves. After the​ commercial has been shot, using graphical technology, any kind of​ imperfection of​ the​ body is​ altered which in​ a​ way sends out the​ signal that only perfect people are meant to​ use the​ product.
The companies have a​ moral responsibility also in​ the​ society. These commercials have a​ negative impact on the​ society and​ leads to​ problems faced for​ the​ common woman. the​ major ill effect is​ the​ pressure on woman to​ get those nearperfect bodies. They get so pressurized that they take the​ unhealthy way to​ reach the​ set goals. They develop eating disorders; their health gets affected which may sometimes result in​ irreparable damages. and​ those who never make it​ to​ that point, face humiliation and​ get taunted by everyone around them. This results in​ depression and​ other longterm psychological diseases.
According to​ researches and​ surveys conducted, most of​ the​ women vow that commercials lower their selfconfidence and​ they visualize themselves as​ unattractive due to​ the​ image being portrayed of​ the​ perfect woman in​ ads. in​ America, seventyfive percent of​ healthy females think that they are overweight. Half of​ the​ women populations are on some kind of​ diet program and​ nearly ten million women suffer from serious eating disorders. the​ weight of​ a​ fashion model is​ twenty three percent less than an average weighed ordinary woman.
Advertisements haven’t spared women being beaten up. in​ a​ particular after shave lotion commercial, the​ background voice says that its essential to​ learn martial arts because once a​ man applies the​ company’s product, women around will be attracted and​ will pounce on him. Towards the​ end of​ the​ commercial, they show a​ male model kicking several women model that seem to​ have attracted to​ him. This is​ degradation of​ respect of​ women to​ the​ lowest level.
After all this exposure, women viewers identify themselves as​ the​ weaker sex. Some think that males decide their selfworth. Over exposure of​ women as​ sex objects have triggered cases of​ physical assault and​ rapes. Majority of​ the​ women are taking the​ wrong way to​ get those stick figures, which are results in​ diseases, sometimes leading to​ death. and​ most of​ this is​ attributed to​ the​ advertisements that pour into the​ lives of​ innocent people everyday. Marketing ethics should be built to​ raise the​ status of​ woman in​ the​ society and​ give them the​ due respect but not degrade them.

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