Women At The Casino Online

Women At The Casino Online

The fairer sex is​ fast becoming a​ dominating presence at​ nearly every casino online,​ and not merely as​ some man’s “lucky charm”. Back in​ 2002,​ a​ study revealed that women made up about 60% of​ all casino online players. the​ pit boss only knows what the​ numbers are today (though one study puts it​ at​ 53%) but one thing is​ for certain: long gone are the​ days of​ gambling,​ whether online or​ off,​ being purely a​ man’s world.

The anonymity of​ the​ web makes it​ easier for women to​ be taken seriously as​ they sit down at​ the​ casino online table -- though for certain many a​ lady has taken full advantage of​ not being taken seriously at​ the​ casino and wound up rolling the​ table over. Many male gamblers,​ in​ fact,​ present themselves as​ women in​ order to​ profit from the​ deception. Likewise many female gamblers disguise themselves at​ the​ casino online as​ men in​ order to​ reap the​ rewards deception garners. the​ popular name for these gender-bending players,​ incidentally,​ is​ Betrosexual

Take the​ game of​ multiplayer poker -- one of​ the​ many multiplayer games where Betrosexuals run most rampant. 62% of​ all women surveyed in​ the​ U.S. play the​ game as​ often as​ 4 times each month,​ with 5 out of​ every 6 of​ them preferring to​ play at​ the​ casino online. Statistics suggest that at​ least 1 out of​ every 6 online poker players is​ a​ woman,​ with that number widely expected to​ grow. But Betrosexuals and multi-player games notwithstanding,​ gals still enjoy a​ good adrenaline rush as​ much as​ any guy,​ and it’s nowhere more apparent than at​ the​ casino online.

At least one casino online hosts a​ Ladies Only Player Forum and there’s at​ least one casino online that caters strictly to​ women players. Many others run weekly Ladies Night promotions highlighting particular games with fabulous bonus prizes -- slots,​ video poker,​ craps,​ etc. -- all of​ which seem to​ attract women gamblers in​ droves. And if​ a​ casino online offers online bingo,​ you can be sure the​ numbers are even higher. There are even ladies-only casino online portal/directory sites.

A recent U.K. study conducted at​ the​ University of​ Dundee found that a​ high percentage of​ women in​ Scotland have turned to​ the​ casino online to​ combat depression and other emotional difficulties as​ well as​ to​ cope with failing relationships.

Whether it’s the​ comfort and safety of​ playing from their own computer,​ the​ anonymity of​ sitting in​ with a​ bunch of​ men who otherwise may not treat them as​ equals (or even let them join in),​ or​ the​ confidence and wealth that the​ long-overdue emergence of​ women in​ business and leadership roles has brought,​ women are here at​ the​ casino online,​ and they’re here to​ stay.

One likely consequence of​ this female infusion in​ the​ casino online industry will be in​ the​ way online casinos are promoted. Before long,​ we’re bound to​ see svelte male models displayed on​ the​ landing pages of​ every casino online right alongside the​ buxom female models who have so successfully enticed new players through their virtual doors for oh so long.

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