Wolverhampton City Guide Including Wolverhampton Hotels

Wolverhampton City Guide Including Wolverhampton Hotels


Wolverhampton is​ a​ wonderful city steeped in​ history and tradition. With so many places to​ go and entertainment to​ enjoy you will never be without something to​ do.

Places of​ interest

Wolverhampton’s list of​ places of​ interest is​ vast as​ there is​ so much to​ see. Whatever your interest are you sure to​ find somewhere in​ and around Wolverhampton. There are so many interesting buildings from different eras that are enriched with tradition. if​ history is​ not your thing, there are also art galleries as​ well as​ the light house media centre for anyone interested in​ television production.

Bantock House and Park – Located just outside the Wolverhampton city centre, this grade II listed house is​ a​ great visit for any passionate historian. Once inside you were discover the story of​ this 19th century house and how the Bantock family use to​ live 100 years ago. This is​ a​ great place for the whole family to​ enjoy, with activities for the children all through the house.

Bilston Craft Gallery and Museum – The gallery host craft exhibitions with workshops and events.

Wightwick Manor – This Victorian family house gives a​ great understanding of​ life during that era.

Wolverhampton Art Gallery – if​ you enjoy contemporary art then this is​ the galley for you. it​ has gained a​ reputation for showcasing thought provoking exhibitions, and workshops and events. Opens Monday to​ Saturday 10am to​ 5pm.

Light House Media Centre – This independent cinema video production facility is​ a​ great attraction for anyone interested in​ television and film production. it​ holds talks, exhibitions, training courses, conferences and special events.

Things to​ do

Wolverhampton is​ a​ city where you will need to​ spend a​ few days to​ experience all of​ the recreational activities afforded to​ you. With so many activities it’s hard to​ know where to​ start. Whatever your interests are this list should start you on your way to​ getting the most out of​ Wolverhampton.

Shopping – Wolverhampton has a​ mixture of​ chain stores and independent shops to​ meet everyone’s needs. The city centre has been improved making it​ safer to​ shop. There are two shopping centres, Mander and Wulfrun, which have a​ large range of​ national and local shops plus a​ food court.

Light Rail System (Metro) – Travelling across Wolverhampton couldn’t be simpler with the light rail system. The electrically powered tram system is​ designed to​ solve the congestion problem, and help bring people from outside into the city centre. The relaxing and comfortable ride is​ a​ great way to​ enjoy the scenery.

Wolverhampton City Show – Come and enjoy the Wolverhampton City show this summer at​ West Park. This two day event is​ a​ fun-filled weekend that is​ ideal for all the family. You can enjoy anything from a​ Sheep-Shearing display to​ badge making for the kids. Live music is​ also on offer for anymore who likes to​ just sit back and relax to​ some music and sun. Each year even more attractions are added, so it​ is​ definitely something not to​ be missed.

Molineux football stadium – Take a​ trip to​ the Molineux football stadium to​ enjoy some championship football. Join in​ with the locals to​ cheer on the mighty wolves.

Aldersley Leisure Centre – if​ you fancy taking part in​ some physical activities then the Aldersley Leisure Centre is​ the place to​ go. This newly built multi-events centre offers anything from Athletics, five-a-side football to​ volleyball.

Bliston Leisure centre - if​ you are more of​ a​ water baby then the Bliston Leisure centre will be right up your alley. This centre has a​ main pool and a​ small pool for the children. The centre has swimming lessons, plus fun sessions to​ put the enjoyment in​ swimming. It’s a​ great place for parents to​ take there children, as​ parents and toddler sessions are also available.

Food & Drink

Wolverhampton prides itself on the diversity of​ restaurant offerings it​ provides. All types of​ foods are available in​ this buzzing city including Chinese, Indian, Greek, Thai, Spanish, Mexican and Italian, as​ well as​ the usual fast-food outlets. Whatever your tastes are, you will be catered for in​ Wolverhampton.

Ristorante Romagna – Lovely Italian restaurant with an​ a​ La Carte & Table d'hote menu. English food is​ also available.

House of​ Canton Restaurant and Takeaway – This Cantonese restaurant has an​ extensive menu with takeaway option.

Bridge 59 – if​ you fancy tasting the English delicacies then this is​ the restaurant for you. it​ is​ situated just outside the city centre, along the canal. This romantic setting can be a​ pleasant place to​ go during the summer day, with seats outside.

Bilash – if​ you fancy dinning in​ style, then maybe you could try this five star Indian restaurant. You should be in​ very good hands with “National Chef of​ the year” winner, who offers you a​ very extensive and unique menu.

Mamma Lizzy’s – Do you fancy eating spicy food while downing tequilas? Then look no further than Mamma Lizzy’s. Located just outside the city centre, this Mexican restaurant provides a​ relaxed atmosphere and offers an​ excellent range of​ dishes.

Hotel & Accommodation

There are lots of​ different choices from hotels, B & Bs, and guest houses. You can choose to​ stay in​ the city centre, or​ in​ the surrounding villages as​ transport to​ centre are frequent. There are wider choices in​ the countryside as​ country houses, farms and self catering are all available.

The Fox Hotel
Quality Hotel Wolverhampton
Britannia Hotel Wolverhampton
Patshull Park Hotel
Featherstone Farm Hotel
Novotel City Centre
Best Western Park Hall Hotel & Conference Centre
Holly Bank House


So you’ve enjoyed a​ day of​ sightseeing, had a​ bite to​ eat and the night is​ upon you. What next? It’s time to​ enjoy the vast amounts of​ entertainment which is​ on offer in​ Wolverhampton. Whether you enjoy your live music, or​ the dramatic presence of​ a​ theatre show, Wolverhampton is​ the place to​ be.

Wolverhampton Civic Halls – This is​ Wolverhampton’s concert venue. This venue has been host to​ all the big names in​ the rock and pop world. Check the website for the latest dates.

The Grand Theatre – This newly restored 19th century theatre has a​ full and varied programme.

Arena Theatre – This 150 seat theatre has a​ very intimate feel, and great to​ come and enjoy different forms of​ art, from plays, ballet, to​ funky dance.

Cineworld Cinema – This 12 screen cinema is​ the ideal place for any film buff. Check the cineworld website for details of​ current showings.

Wolverhampton is​ an​ every growing city which is​ one of​ the few British cities to​ be proud of​ its rich heritage. it​ is​ ever becoming a​ popular tourist destination with people falling in​ love with the history as​ well as​ the exciting night life.

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Wolverhampton City Guide Including Wolverhampton Hotels

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