With Property Investment You Can Retire Young And Live Off Your Profits

With Property Investment You can Retire Young And Live Off Your Profits.
In the fast-paced, exemplary world today, money matters more than most other things .​
This is​ the era of​ LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization.) People are interested in​ exponential growth of​ money rather than slow growth .​
So, instead of​ saving all your income and using it​ for your post-retirement life, you can invest your income in​ a​ judicious manner to​ multiply it​ and earn much more from it .​
Investment properties are a​ hot option for that kind of​ a​ plan .​
Investment property is​ a​ property that is​ not occupied by the owner, usually purchased specifically to​ generate profit through rental income or​ capital gains .​
There are lots of​ convincing reasons for you to​ realize the benefits of​ investment properties.
Property investment is​ where you make a​ small investment into a​ property, typically one still being built, which is​ known as​ an​ off plan property and then go on to​ rent it​ out to​ get good dividends, and then once raised in​ price, you can sell it​ to​ gain a​ profit or​ to​ purchase more property .​
No investment today offers the stability and simplicity along with the excellent returns offered by investing in​ property .​
The stock market can offer high returns, but it​ is​ a​ very volatile and unsteady place .​
This is​ especially true for non-professionals and there are so many external factors that can effect your financial investment .​
Not to​ mention the fact that the major stock markets have generally been underperforming and property investment stands head and shoulders above other forms of​ investments .​
There are a​ lot of​ options when it​ comes to​ investing in​ property, as​ you can choose the option of​ investing in​ Commercial property such as​ industrial/offices, hotels, apartments, retail shops and the list goes on .​
It can be a​ residential property; you can buy it​ and sell it​ at​ a​ higher rate for capital gain or​ rent it​ for regular dividends.

Property is​ now the wise investor’s weapon of​ choice .​
No other investment allows you to​ purchase with other people's money (Equity partners) and then pay this back with other people's money (the rental income from tenants) .​
If you own a​ property, you can release equity against that property .​
Although there is​ no law that states that your property will increase in​ value year on year, it​ is​ accepted that a​ well maintained property in​ a​ reasonable area will appreciate in​ value .​
Here are some points which are sure to​ make you flabbergasted about the profits of​ property investment.
50% of​ individuals mentioned on The Times Rich List made their money through investing in​ Property.
A property worth just €4000 30 years ago would be today worth around €225,000
Equities or​ Stocks can be volatile, as​ with the .com crash, whereas a​ property is​ historically stable.
It is​ well documented that on average the value of​ a​ property doubles every 7 years.
Property investments provide equity growth and they maintain good cash flow and not to​ mention, the capital appreciation is​ higher than any other type of​ investment .​
According to​ figures from FPD Savills Research, the total net return including capital appreciation on a​ prime central London property was 18.6% last year .​
In the UK, the total net return was 16.3% and in​ Spain it​ was even a​ stronger performance during last year .​
The benefit of​ investing in​ a​ property is​ that you can remove the emotion from the purchase and look at​ the property as​ an​ investment vehicle .​
This opens a​ lot of​ options for you .​
You can utilize your re-assignable contract option and sell at​ a​ substantial profit prior to​ completion, carrying no redemption penalty or​ you can take the buy to​ let situation and generate a​ good reliable rental income, including substantial capital appreciation.

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