Wireless Security Camera For Dick Tracy And Every Tom Dick And Harry

Wireless Security Camera For Dick Tracy And Every Tom Dick And Harry

Have you seen the​ movie Dick Tracy? it​ was the​ 1990 blockbuster film staring Al Pacino and​ Madonna. It's based on Chester Gould's comic strip, which he wrote and​ drew from 1931 until 1977. the​ work featured Dick Tracy, the​ superhero of​ police detectives. He was smart. He could punch with an​ iron fist. Even more impressive, he had the​ fastest draw in​ the​ city. Dick Tracy had to​ face villains so ugly they could make onions cry. These bad guys and​ gals include B-B Eyes, who had the​ eyes of​ a​ frog; hairless Miss Egghead; the​ Blank, who literally had no face; and​ the​ Claw, whose hook replaced a​ missing hand. One of​ the​ comic strip's hallmarks was Dick Tracy's gadgets, which he used to​ help track down these evil villains. His most famous tool was his 2-Way Wrist Radio, which, beginning in​ 1946, allowed Dick Tracy and​ police force members to​ communicate easily. in​ 1964, the​ watch was improved to​ a​ 2-Way Wrist TV, and​ then to​ a​ 2-Way Wrist Computer in​ the​ year 1987. Today, a​ wireless security camera would certainly be included in​ Dick Tracy's arsenal of​ gizmos.

Cameras and​ Calendars
Before the​ wireless security camera, there was the​ television camera. Philo Taylor Farnsworth invented one that transformed the​ captured image into an​ electric signal. the​ U.S. dollar sign was the​ image that he transmitted. Farnsworth received a​ patent for​ his "dissector tube" invention that transmitted the​ image. Later, the​ first professional camcorder was put on the​ market, in​ 1982. and​ then during the​ following year, the​ first domestic camcorder appeared in​ stores. the​ first video surveillance system was installed in​ 1942, about a​ decade after Dick Tracy first appeared, to​ observe the​ launching of​ V2-rockets. Today, security cameras have come a​ long way. They are now digital, rather than analog; and​ even a​ wireless security camera can be used!

Pulling the​ Plug
While a​ home security system would probably not include a​ V2-rocket, today the​ wireless security camera has become instrumental in​ keeping homes safe. When considering whether or​ not a​ wired or​ wireless security camera is​ ideal for​ you, think about the​ benefits of​ the​ wireless security camera.

* They are ideal for​ the​ do-it-yourself kind of​ person because as​ they are easy to​ set up and​ are more portable.
* They are easier to​ conceal.
* They sometimes have motion-activated sensors that e-mail you after a​ person has walked into view!
* They can be accessed by logging onto your computer from almost anywhere.
* They do not require a​ power connector so they can be placed almost anywhere.
* They can save you money because you will not have to​ spend much money on wires and​ other electrical pieces.

Working Outside of​ the​ Home
The wireless security camera also has several applications outside the​ home. These include crime registration, monitoring of​ traffic, observation of​ industrial processes at​ factories, and​ compliance with safety requirements. Today's wireless security cameras are so tiny they are very difficult or​ impossible for​ the​ naked eye to​ detect. This makes them ideal for​ places where the​ camera must be concealed.

Technology has come a​ long way since "Dick Tracy" was introduced into the​ world of​ comic books in​ 1931. in​ fact, the​ wireless security camera has become so effective that the​ fearless detective might even use one if​ he were still prowling the​ streets for​ bad guys today.

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