Wintergreen Resort Ski Vacation

Wintergreen Resort Ski Vacation

To accommodate skiers,​ there are six lifts,​ including five chair lifts and one surface lift. There is​ also a​ dedicated terrain park for snowboarding. the​ resort is​ located near Charlottesville,​ Virginia,​ and you will experience breathtaking views of​ the​ Appalachian
Mountains,​ and be surrounded by luxury that most people only dream of. There is​ also a​ world class golf course located near the​ resort.

Other activities include tubing,​ snowmobiling,​ tennis,​ hiking,​ and horseback riding. the​ Out of​ Bounds Adventure Center is​ a​ very popular attraction at​ the​ resort with rock climbing and bungee trampolines. the​ Outdoor Wilderness Leadership school offers corporate retreats,​ real rock climbing,​ rappelling,​ and mountain biking.

This is​ an​ ideal spot for a​ family vacation. You and your children can participate in​ a​ variety of​ craft workshops,​ enjoy campfires and storytelling,​ go on​ hay rides,​ and enjoy many more community events that are scheduled throughout the​ year. There are many planned activities for families,​ including winter hiking,​ skiing,​ snowboarding,​ tubing,​ and swimming in​ a​ cozy indoor pool.

While vacationing at​ Wintergreen Resort,​ make time to​ see the​ civil war history attractions,​ and visit the​ local wineries as​ well. Also take time to​ enjoy the​ Wintergreen Spa. at​ the​ spa,​ you can be pampered with massages,​ body wraps,​ skin treatments and nail care. You can also visit the​ Mountaintop Aquatic and Fitness Center which features the​ latest in​ cardiovascular equipment,​ strength equipment,​ heated pools,​ hot tubs,​ steam rooms and saunas.

The Wintergreen Performing Arts has many musical performances throughout the​ year that are sure to​ delight you and your family. if​ you are less interested in​ culture,​ and more interested in​ nature,​ the​ Wintergreen Nature Foundation is​ for you. This foundation promotes the​ understanding and conservation of​ natural resources that the​ Blue Ridge
Mountains are famous for.

No matter what your interests are,​ if​ getting away from the​ hustle and bustle of​ city life is​ what you want,​ this is​ the​ number one spot in​ the​ South for fun,​ relaxation,​ and rejuvenation. the​ Wintergreen Resort is​ open all year long,​ with activities that are suitable for every season.

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