Winter Sport Skiing In Les Arcs La Plagne

Winter Sport Skiing In Les Arcs La Plagne

As winter is​ approaching in​ the​ Northern Hemisphere, many people from all over the​ world will be planning winter vacations. What better way to​ enjoy a​ winter vacation and​ yet having a​ healthy full body workout instead of​ gaining winter weight by going on a​ skiing vacation?

In this article, we will be taking a​ look at​ two of​ the​ more popular ski resorts in​ France and​ if​ you are heading to​ Europe for​ your winter holidays then the​ information here may come in​ useful.

The ski resorts of​ La Plagne and​ Les Arcs in​ France are surrounded by breathtaking white capped mountain ranges. Both resorts attract skiing enthusiasts mainly from France and​ Europe. However in​ the​ past few years, the​ resorts are also attracting more and​ more Asians and​ American skiers and​ holiday makers.

La Plagne is​ one of​ the​ largest single ski areas in​ the​ world, with 212kms (about 132 miles) of​ pistes served by 144 ski lifts and​ is​ linked to​ Les Arcs by a​ four minute cable car ride. This ski resort is​ made up of​ 10 villages and​ is​ probably the​ most visited ski resort in​ the​ world.

In additional to​ skiing activities, visitors can also indulge in​ other activities such as​ bowling, working out in​ a​ fully equipped gym and​ sports centre, get away from the​ winter chill by taking sauna baths, go hang-gliding or​ ice-skating.

For a​ family outing, there are more than 200 shops to​ go shopping in​ or​ dine in​ La Plagne myriads of​ restaurants. Bars and​ dance clubs light up La Plagne by night.

La Plagne is​ sometimes billed as​ the​ 'third generation' French ski resort with its futuristic architectural designs has probably also influenced other ski resorts in​ France such as​ Flaine, Avoriaz and​ Les Arcs to​ go for​ the​ new world space age architecture and​ abandoning the​ charming rustic designs of​ traditional ski resort architecture.

Skiers in​ La Plagne will encounter various permutation of​ piste and​ off piste, from exhilarating steep descents on the​ huge glacier at​ Bellecote(3,000m or​ almost 10,000ft), then cruising delightfully down quiet meandering larch lined avenues to​ the​ charming villages of​ Montchavin-Les Coches, Champagny-en-Vanoise and​ Montalbert.

Now let's take a​ look at​ Les Arcs. This resort has a​ Eurostar train terminal connection at​ Bourg Saint Maurice and​ thus making it​ the​ most accessible high-altitude ski resort in​ France.

Les Arcs is​ also known to​ have pioneered the​ so called 'ski evolutif', which is​ a​ technique used for​ fast learning by progressing quickly from short skis to​ longer skis.

Les Arcs is​ also the​ homeground of​ the​ "Kilometre Lancee" in​ which daredevils on huge 237cm or​ 8 ft skis, clad in​ thin aerodynamic plastic suits and​ donning 'Darth Vader of​ Star Wars' style visors, speed down the​ specially designed track at​ exhilarating breakneck speed of​ up to​ 240kph (150mph) or​ more.

Just like La Plagne, Les Arcs ski resort has acres and​ acres seemingly never ending good cruising ski terrain and​ its off piste opportunities are simply fantastic.

Take for​ example, the​ Aiguille Rouge, which dominates the​ resort has many challenging runs down its front face slopes. the​ Aiguille Rouge is​ also the​ starting point for​ one of​ the​ longest skiing descents in​ the​ French Alps. the​ largely black run down to​ the​ charming village of​ Villaroger is​ over 16km or​ about 10 miles long. Whew!

With such fabulous skiing opportunities, it​ is​ therefore not surprising that La Plagne along with Les Arcs ski resorts in​ France is​ able to​ attract so many skiing enthusiasts from all the​ world, isn't it?

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