Winning Euromillions Lottery Prizes Every Week Without Buying Tickets

Winning Euromillions Lottery Prizes Every Week Without Buying Tickets

Join a​ mathematician, internet technology, network marketing, the visionof two business man´s, register it​ in​ the Lotteries Council, and the lottery players will win euromillions lottery prizes each and every draw, without buying tickets.

Tom Brodie, with a​ successful 12 years background in​ sales, marketing, database development and internet marketing, partnered with Len Fitzgerald, who opened one of​ the first-ever video rental stores in​ the UK in1984, founded the e-lottery Syndicate in​ April 2018.

They thought, since there isn't a​ single person in​ the world, who wouldn't like to​ win a​ fortune in​ the lottery, why not finding a​ way, to​ help as​ many people as​ possible, achieving their dreams.

They hired a​ university Professor of​ Mathematics, brainstormed how they could achieve their purpose, and ended up with a​ syndicate system, that boost the odds in​ advantage of​ the lottery players. People playing with their syndicate system, will have a​ significant advantage over the regular player who plays alone. They will have greater possibilities of​ winning the jackpots, and will win more prizes and money.

Their system allows people from all over the world, to​ play two of​ the richest tax free lotteries in​ the world, the United Kingdom National Lotto, and EuroMillions, the european lottery.

Each syndicate player receives a​ fixed set of​ numbers, and due to​ the syndicate system it's only necessary to​ hit one number to​ receive prizes, in​ Euromillions.

The advantage of​ playing in​ the syndicates is​ a​ massive 3600% greater chance of​ scooping a​ EuroMillions jackpot! The chances of​ having any prize jump to​ only 1 in​ 10. They applied network marketing to​ the system, and each member that presents the e-syndicate to​ five other people, will start playing for free. After that will receive commissions for each additional member, and will receive an​ additional set of​ numbers, for free, for each group of​ new 15 members.

And here is​ the "trick" for winning euromillions lottery prizes every week, without buying tickets.

In Euromillions, syndicate players receive a​ fixed set of​ five numbers, and if​ only one of​ the numbers comes out in​ a​ draw, a​ prize is​ received by the syndicate. Since there are a​ total of​ fifty main numbers, from one to​ fifty, players, who have more than ten sets of​ numbers will cover the all range of​ numbers, and in​ the worst scenario, will match each draw number, from 5 different set of​ numbers and syndicates, and five prizes will be won.

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