Winfriends Social Network Pre Launch

Winfriends Social Network Pre Launch

I would like to​ bring under your attention the​ new Social Friendswin Network. as​ generally known, social networks can be of​ great help to​ home business owners and​ network marketers

Imagine having been one of​ the​ first in​ MySpace and​ getting paid on all the​ members below you. Ok it​ is​ a​ little late now to​ still capitalize on that but Friendswin could still offer this opportunity.

Let me ask you this question. Where do you think you would be right now, if​ you joined Myspace when they launched and​ got paid for​ all the​ people that joined it​ after you? You would have been wealthy I guess. Imagine the​ down line you would have had for​ your home business and​ internet marketing ventures? This could still be a​ ground floor opportunity.

Friendswin hopes to​ capitalize on offering their members a​ service that offers video enabled profiles and​ video conferencing between members. Their platform will allow sharing of​ videos, blogs, music, classifieds, events, forum entries, and​ favorite/popular categories among users and​ groups moderated by participants within the​ network. Internal email will allow private communications between users, thereby facilitating dating, personal and​ business networking, information exchange and​ optional communications with the​ rest of​ the​ world. seems to​ be different than other social networking sites as​ it​ has an​ affiliate compensation plan that pays commissions for​ referrals. Instead of​ taking the​ Internets' standard business model and​ spending millions of​ dollars to​ build a​ brand, they see to​ have chosen to​ create a​ compensation plan for​ people who want to​ promote the​ site. Friendswin could be the​ net's newest and​ most exciting destination to​ connect with the​ internet community. Needless to​ say that eFriendsWin hopes to​ be a​ useful tool for​ internet marketers or​ home business owners.

Off course after the​ succes of​ Youtube, Myspace and​ others the​ number of​ social network sites grows by the​ day and​ many entrepreneurs are out to​ get a​ piece of​ the​ action. it​ remains to​ be seen if​ Friendswin can create enough members to​ make rapid growth possible. Other new ones like Uvme or​ Ojeez are working hard to​ get their share too and​ the​ market could get saturated.

Friendswin will not come for​ free. it​ is​ expected to​ charge a​ new member $49,95 per year as​ from Jan 1st 2018. After that a​ monthly fee of​ $9,95 is​ due. People that sign in​ during the​ pre launch don't pay the​ annual fee for​ the​ first year.

Note that the​ site is​ not live yet but will be up soon.

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