Windows Live Spaces Social Networking Platform

Windows Live Spaces Social Networking Platform

Windows live spaces is​ one of​ the​ more popular social networking platforms today. it​ was launched late 2004. What it​ does is​ integrate windows live messenger and​ hotmail so can you can easily update and​ get in​ touch with your contacts through the​ use of​ the​ readily available msn toolbar. Windows live spaces is​ actually an​ upgrade to​ msn spaces. However, with windows live spaces; you can do more with your site than before. You can communicate with contacts, share information, download add-ons, browse other people’s profiles in​ the​ network and​ much more. Moreover, you can customize your space by choosing your favorite color and​ your favorite background picture and​ layout to​ give your site your own personal touch.

Account Set-up
To create a​ windows live spaces account, you will need to​ go through a​ set-up process where you will be asked certain questions about your account preferences. Your profile for​ example will be made public or​ private depending on your choice. Furthermore, you can make your profile details available to​ only some people within your network, thus enabling you to​ set access rights to​ your profile based on your relationship to​ your visitors.

The ads section of​ windows live spaces however cannot be removed or​ changed by regular users as​ opposed to​ the​ subscribers of​ premium windows live services. Furthermore, windows live spaces are best accessed by Microsoft’s browser which is​ internet explorer, making it​ unusable for​ some using Mozilla’s Firefox browse.

Personal Touches
You can further customize your profile by posting some pictures, music, videos or​ blogs that your friends and​ visitors will see upon checking your account. This feature enables you to​ show and​ share your latest vacation pictures, compositions and​ thoughts and​ opinions on everyday things. You can also move the​ modules around and​ rearrange them to​ give you the​ layout you want with your space. With the​ use of​ several windows live spaces power toys, you can customize your account to​ a​ greater degree by uploading windows media player videos and​ having more skins to​ choose from than before.

By inserting some gadgets or​ add-on modules such as​ weather, stock quotes and​ movies to​ your account, you can also set the​ information that you want to​ easily access and​ view right in​ your space. These gadgets or​ add on modules are developed mostly by third party software developers and​ can be easily downloaded online so you can be sure there are a​ lot of​ them to​ choose from.

With windows live spaces; you can also easily chat with your contacts by activating the​ windows live messenger link on your page. You can also browse the​ profiles of​ people in​ your extended network via the​ new friends explorer, or​ look for​ a​ certain person by typing in​ the​ name in​ the​ search bar. Not only this, you can also join interest groups such as​ painting, poetry or​ pets. Your friends or​ contacts will then be informed of​ changes or​ updates in​ your profile and​ vice versa.

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