Window Treatments Help Homeowners Save Money

Window Treatments Help Homeowners Save Money

You might not think twice about how much energy you are conserving or​ wasting in​ your home - until you get your gas or​ electric bill.

With energy prices continuing to​ skyrocket from year to​ year,​ and utility companies passing along the​ costs to​ their customers,​ many homeowners are starting to​ take a​ harder look at​ ways to​ protect their pocketbooks.

A few simple steps now can go a​ long way toward reducing your energy costs and keeping them low for the​ foreseeable future. the​ following tips provided by Comfortex BlindCrafter Centers will help you conserve energy in​ your home and save money on​ your heating and cooling bills.

* Install insulating window treatments like Comfortex Cellular Shades. These innovative window treatments trap air between the​ shade and window,​ which in​ turn keeps warm air from escaping through your windows during the​ winter,​ and keeps hot air from entering your home during the​ summer.

* Caulk cracks and holes in​ your windows or​ install weather stripping to​ ensure that no cold or​ hot air escapes.

* During the​ winter,​ allow those rare sunny days to​ warm your house by opening window shades and blinds,​ but remember to​ close them at​ night.

* Install storm windows. According to​ the​ U.S. Department of​ Energy,​ storm windows can reduce heat loss through your windows by up to​ 50 percent.

* Move furniture away from the​ heat source. Blocking a​ vent makes the​ system work harder.

* Keep your fireplace damper closed when not in​ use.

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