Win Roulette Easy Tips To Maximize Your Profits

Win Roulette Easy Tips To Maximize Your Profits


Round and round and round she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows.

Growing up, I always loved roulette. it​ was something that fascinated me -- watching the ball spin around and around and around, and knowing that if​ it​ landed in​ the right slot, there was a​ lot of​ money that could be made.

Of course, when I got older and I went into a​ casino for the first time, I discovered that it​ was a​ whole lot harder to​ make money at​ it​ than I had thought, at​ first. Luckily, I'm a​ pretty fast learner and I quickly found a​ way that I could minimize my losses and maximize my profits.

Well, times change and suddenly, I find myself spending time at​ online casinos, and playing online roulette.

Guess what?

You can use the same strategies that will help you minimize your losses and maximize your profits with online roulette.

Now, before you get all excited, I've got to​ put in​ a​ disclaimer here. Some casinos are better than others and I'm only going to​ be discussing the good casinos, which you can find located at​ the end of​ this article.

One of​ the benefits to​ playing at​ one of​ the good online casinos is​ that they want to​ get you to​ try their site and they'll give you some really nice incentives. What kind of​ nice incentives?


That's right -- you log on, you sign up, and you get some really great offers. Some of​ them will match your initial deposit with double and sometimes triple what you're bringing to​ the table. Now, I don't know about you but I sure like the sound of​ that.

Okay, so you find a​ good online casino and you want to​ play roulette.

Do you have a​ strategy?

If you don't, I can give you some pointers right now that will help you out.

First of​ all, keep in​ mind that there are the odds are always the same -- no matter what. You might spin the wheel a​ thousand times and not have the number "15" come up but that doesn't mean that you're "due" for it​ to​ show up. (If you go into a​ real casino, you'll see some casinos actually give out little cards for you to​ keep track of​ the numbers -- because they want you to​ pick numbers that haven't come up in​ a​ while, even though those numbers are no more likely to​ show up than any other.)

Now, here's a​ little trick that I've learned through the years, playing both online and real-world casinos.

First, you want to​ figure out how much you're prepared to​ lose -- in​ my case, I'll start off with $100 as​ my loss figure.

Then, you want to​ have a​ "win" number -- how much you want to​ win before you walk away from the table. I usually make it​ half how much I can afford to​ lose. So that means that I'll usually have $50 as​ my "walk-away" number.

Next, you'll want to​ bet 10 percent of​ your money on either red or​ black.

Now, keep in​ mind that casinos (online and real-world) always have a​ slight advantage. However, when you play what's known as​ "rock solid," you make the odds work in​ your favor.

The way that this works is​ to​ basically make sure that you stay the course. Instead of​ jumping back and forth between red and black, there are many professional players who constantly play one color -- no matter what.

What they're doing is​ playing the odds -- which are random. at​ times, they're down slightly and other times, they're up slightly. With a​ little bit of​ common sense and a​ "feel" for the various tables, there are players out there who are doing extremely well.

Of course, I'm not an​ idiot and neither are you. So whenever I gamble, I make sure that I'm not gambling more than I can afford to​ lose -- and I make sure that I never get in​ over my head.

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