Wilson Island On The Great Barrier Reef Is The Perfect Honeymoon
Vacation Resort

Wilson Island On The Great Barrier Reef Is The Perfect Honeymoon Vacation Resort

If your perfect honeymoon resort has to​ be on​ a​ tiny coral cay,​ and it​ has to​ be an​ Australia Honeymoon Package on​ the​ Great Barrier Reef,​ then Wilson Island should tick all the​ right boxes. it​ is​ surrounded by a​ pristine coral reef and quite the​ loveliest of​ beaches.

If you have spent any time in​ Africa on​ safari and stayed in​ a​ tented camp,​ then the​ accommodation on​ Wilson Island will not be unfamiliar to​ you,​ except this is​ real five star luxury camping,​ all inclusive,​ with food that is​ just out of​ this world,​ and a​ fantastic wine cellar.

When people think of​ camping,​ have never been on​ a​ camping safari or​ stayed at​ Wilson Island they have this idea of​ sleeping bags and poles,​ and leaks and cold water showers.

Wilson Island is​ the​ perfect Honeymoon Vacation resort,​ because when they talk tents what they mean is​ six permanent tents all looking out over the​ reef and the​ ocean designed with the​ guests ultimate comfort in​ mind.

All of​ the​ tents have raised timber floors,​ King size beds with Duvets,​ Bedside Tables,​ Battery operated bedside lights,​ deck chairs,​ bathrobes,​ bath towels,​ beach towels,​ toiletries,​ and daily housekeeping service.

The only drawback is​ that because of​ the​ fact that Wilson Island uses solar power,​ all the​ hot showers are in​ the​ central amenities building,​ where each tent has its own private designated area.

So what will you do on​ Wilson Island as​ your perfect honeymoon resort.

The short answer is​ little or​ nothing,​ but you could cheerfully snorkel right off the​ beach where you will see some fantastic fish,​ and perhaps even a​ turtle as​ well.

You could just lie in​ a​ hammock and be lazy,​ or​ you can walk round the​ island,​ picnic on​ the​ beach,​ and end up watching the​ sunset drinking champagne,​ or​ the​ sunrise with a​ hot cup of​ coffee and biscuits.

Wilson is​ that kind of​ place,​ probably idyllic for three or​ four days with no mobile phone coverage,​ no children,​ no television,​ just the​ birds,​ and the​ crashing of​ the​ sea to​ listen to.

If you are able to​ entertain yourself,​ and you don’t mind the​ unorthodox toilet arrangements,​ or​ a​ communal dinner party atmosphere in​ the​ evenings,​ then Wilson Island could be the​ perfect honeymoon resort.

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