Wifi Comes To Digital Cameras Wow Whats Next

Wifi Comes To Digital Cameras Wow Whats Next

WiFi Comes To Digital Cameras - Wow! What's Next?
First we had to​ get over the​ whole film thing after a​ nation of​ baby boomers had been raised on Kodak, Polaroid, and​ 35mm film cameras of​ various shapes and​ sizes .​
We were all use to​ the​ idea of​ sending in​ our film for​ developing and​ waiting for​ our pictures to​ come back .​
Then along came digital cameras and​ the​ world was taken by storm with this cool new technology .​
Suddenly you could take a​ picture and​ see the​ results immediately .​
At first these cameras were slow and​ not such great quality but still kind of​ cool .​
Then things heated up and​ now we have fantastic digital cameras of​ all sizes and​ shapes that can take wonderful images which can be shared instantly with your family, or​ the​ rest of​ the​ world for​ that matter .​
Now comes the​ latest in​ technology integration .​
WiFi and​ digital cameras .​
No need to​ even plug your camera memory card into a​ computer, or​ a​ printer at​ all .​
Now you can buy a​ digital camera that transmits the​ images via wireless technology .​
Yes, that is​ right, a​ wireless connection for​ your image uploads .​
Now, you may be among those in​ the​ population that have not even gotten their hands around the​ whole digital image sharing thing yet .​
But this promising new technology may lead us to​ a​ world of​ fewer cables to​ plug in, quicker transfer of​ our images, and​ in​ the​ case of​ events in​ the​ world, the​ ability to​ share images of​ news almost instantly .​
As we saw in​ the​ recent bombings in​ London, folks with cell phone cameras recorded the​ devastation they saw in​ the​ underground and​ shared it​ with the​ world in​ almost real time fashion .​
These new cameras may be able to​ take that sort of​ thing to​ an​ all new level .​
Imagine cities that implement widespread WiFi access and​ photographers with WiFi cameras capturing images of​ news and​ other special events .​
They could transmit those images right away and​ let the​ world see them .​
Here is​ how it​ works:
Nikon has released two models of​ digital cameras that are WiFi enabled .​
The idea is​ to​ be able to​ transmit your pictures straight from the​ camera to​ your computer or​ printer through a​ wireless adaptor .​
You bring up the​ images to​ transfer, hit go, and​ they get sent through the​ air to​ your printer .​
The Coolpix P1 and​ P2 will be in​ the​ $400-$550 range in​ pricing and​ the​ adaptor is​ extra .​
They are competing with Kodak which released its own version of​ the​ WiFi camera in​ their Easy Share line of​ cameras this year .​
Kodak has already gone to​ making it​ easy to​ share photos by transmitting them at​ so called wireless hot spots, usually cafes or​ stores where wireless access is​ sold or​ given away to​ customers .​
These efforts by the​ leading camera makers seem aimed at​ adding value to​ their already impressive digital technology .​
Digital cameras continue to​ be hot sellers despite what some in​ the​ industry thought would be a​ slowing of​ sales this year .​
Many had predicted that cell phone cameras would slow digital camera sales, but this is​ not happening .​
If you are a​ leading edge gadget buyer and​ have a​ wireless mindset then you may want to​ be first on the​ block to​ get one of​ these Wi-Fi digital cameras.

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