Why You Would Enjoy Vacationing In Mazatlan

Why You Would Enjoy Vacationing In Mazatlan

Why You Would Enjoy Vacationing In Mazatlan,​ Mexico
While it​ might not be as​ well known as​ Cancun or​ Puerto Vallarta,​ this southern coastal city called Mazatlan has become a​ popular vacation destination for those looking for a​ more laid back and sedate experience .​
It has been nicknamed the​ Pearl of​ the​ Pacific but not because there are pearls to​ be found off its shores .​
It is​ because as​ a​ gracious compliment to​ this friendly resort city,​ Mazatlan could thrive without any tourism at​ all due to​ its abundance of​ commercial fishing and the​ famous Pacifico Brewery .​
This gives the​ area the​ benefits of​ being an​ industrious town while at​ the​ same time keeping recreation activities in​ a​ more relaxed mode.
Because the​ city does not rely on​ tourism as​ its main source of​ income,​ it​ doesn't seem as​ hectic with multitudes vying for every dollar as​ it​ does in​ some Mexican resort towns .​
The feeling in​ Mazatlan is​ as​ if​ time has stood still .​
The resorts' staffs are very friendly,​ as​ is​ everyone in​ town,​ which makes Mazatlan feel like your hometown .​
Because of​ this,​ Mazatlan is​ a​ great place to​ come with your whole family .​
There is​ plenty for everyone to​ do.
Mazatlan has over 15 miles of​ beaches where you will find all sorts of​ water sports and activities,​ great waterfront restaurants,​ and most of​ the​ area's resorts .​
You will find the​ waters teeming with windsurfers,​ Hobie Cats,​ wave runners,​ and parasailing .​
If those types of​ heart stopping sports activities aren't your style maybe you would just like to​ take a​ dip and then soak up the​ sun while people watching .​
Either way,​ the​ sun and sand provides a​ beautiful getaway from your normal weekly grind .​
Sport fishing has been a​ landmark in​ Mazatlan long before many of​ the​ other notable Mexican resort destinations were even thought of .​
The charter companies in​ Mazatlan have their fleets spread out,​ some at​ the​ harbor by the​ lighthouse and some in​ the​ marina .​
All of​ them can provide services that will enable you to​ go out for an​ amazing adventure and catch the​ big one .​
Later,​ you can have your Marlin,​ Tuna,​ or​ Grouper prepared for your dinner!
Shopping is​ a​ great attraction in​ Mazatlan .​
There are many fine shops and even a​ couple of​ modern shopping malls spread throughout the​ area of​ the​ more touristy part of​ the​ city called Zona Dorado,​ which when translated means the​ Golden Zone .​
With a​ name like that,​ who wouldn't want to​ shop there? On the​ other end of​ the​ spectrum,​ you can never go wrong by visiting the​ Mercado located in​ the​ middle of​ Old Mazatlan .​
This is​ true shopping in​ the​ old Mexican tradition with everything from leather goods and jewelry to​ hanging meats .​
One of​ the​ most enjoyable parts of​ any vacation is​ dining at​ traditional,​ local restaurants and Mazatlan has its fair share .​
a​ big benefit of​ being an​ ocean side city is​ that the​ eateries serve the​ freshest seafood .​
Being as​ large as​ it​ is,​ Mazatlan has a​ large and diverse collection of​ dining establishments to​ choose from.
If you would like to​ visit Mexico,​ but want your vacation to​ be a​ little more low-key and relaxed,​ maybe Mazatlan would be the​ perfect fit for you .​
It is​ an​ interesting city that seems to​ have a​ bright future.

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