Why You Should Hire An Insurance Claim Adjuster Before Handing It To An
Independent Adjuster

Why You Should Hire An Insurance Claim Adjuster Before Handing It To An Independent Adjuster

Why you​ Should Hire An Insurance Claim Adjuster Before Handing It to​ An Independent Adjuster
Hiring an​ Insurance Claim Adjuster before handing it​ to​ an​ Independent Adjuster just might be the​ best thing you​ ever do .​
Most policyholders have no clue that they are able to​ do this,​ though .​
An Independent Adjuster works strictly for the​ insurance company and is​ paid by the​ insurance company,​ while an​ Insurance Claim Adjuster works for you,​ the​ policyholder.
Throughout the​ US,​ Claim Adjusters are known by quite a​ few different labels .​
in​ Florida they are always called Public Adjusters .​
in​ various other states,​ they are called Claim Adjusters,​ or​ Loss Adjusters .​
Their main job is​ always the​ same,​ though .​
a​ Claim Adjuster works strictly for the​ policyholder,​ and only has your financial interests in​ mind .​
An Independent Adjuster works for and is​ hired by your Insurance Company .​
They always have the​ financial interest of​ the​ Insurance Company in​ mind,​ no matter what they might say.
When you​ have damage to​ your property,​ it​ is​ common knowledge that you​ must file a​ claim with your insurance company if​ you​ want to​ receive money for the​ damage that was caused .​
as​ you​ may know,​ when you​ do file the​ claim,​ the​ Insurance Company always sends their own Independent Adjuster out to​ assess and survey the​ damages .​
They come back with a​ financial number that usually favors the​ insurance company and a​ lot of​ times,​ this number does not cover all of​ the​ damages to​ your property .​
What is​ not common knowledge is​ that you​ are almost entitles to​ hire a​ Claim Adjuster before filing your insurance claim in​ your state.
A Claim Adjuster will do everything for you​ .​
They will file assess the​ damage and then file the​ claim with your insurance company .​
They will also take care of​ every single detail of​ the​ claim process and deal with your insurance company every single day if​ needed .​
This insures that you​ do not leave any money on​ the​ table and you​ receive every penny that you​ deserve .​
Far too many times,​ Insurance Company’s will underpay the​ policyholder and the​ policyholder doesn’t even know that they were short changed until many years later.
When it​ is​ years later and you​ feel that you​ were not properly compensated for a​ past claim,​ there is​ still time for you​ to​ reopen that claim to​ see if​ you​ are entitled to​ receive more funds for past damage .​
a​ Claim Adjuster will do this for you​ .​
in​ most instances,​ you​ have up to​ five years to​ reopen a​ closed claim,​ to​ see if​ you​ are entitled to​ more money .​
In many instances,​ the​ policyholder that reopens a​ closed claim finds out that they are in​ fact entitled to​ more funds.
A Claim Adjuster works for the​ policyholder and against the​ Insurance Company .​
the​ difference between an​ Insurance Claim Adjuster and an​ Independent Adjuster is​ black and white when it​ comes to​ property loss.

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