Why You Should Consider A Jvc Mini Digital Camera

Why You Should Consider A Jvc Mini Digital Camera

Why You Should Consider a​ JVC Mini Digital Camera
So you and​ the​ family are on the​ dream vacation .​
The day is​ becoming a​ bit of​ a​ marathon with so much to​ see and​ do and​ so much to​ record with your video camera .​
You are starting to​ run out of​ tapes with only one left and​ much more of​ the​ day ahead of​ you .​
Even worse, the​ battery light is​ starting to​ beep on-screen .​
The hot humid weather is​ also doing its part to​ screw with your attitude .​
You are tired, sweaty and​ more than a​ little sick and​ tired of​ carrying this video camera .​
You think to​ yourself, Why can't they make them smaller?.
All these wishes that you have can be granted with the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera .​
To start with the​ camera doesn't use tapes so it​ is​ much smaller and​ lighter than most digital camcorders .​
Without the​ tapes and​ with a​ rather smallish 1.8 inch LCD/TFT color monitor, the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera is​ one of​ the​ lightest, smallest camcorders you can buy .​
Sleek looking with its aluminum finish with the​ black plastic body molding, the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera has a​ rather unique feature because all the​ controls are placed at​ the​ back of​ the​ camera .​
Combine the​ compactness with the​ video light, flash and​ 10X zoom with 40X digital zoom and​ no detail will be missed.
The camera uses Li-ion batteries .​
Lithium-ion batteries, pound for​ pound offer the​ best energy of​ any consumer electronics battery .​
It has no memory effect and​ has a​ slower rate of​ power loss when not in​ use .​
Light, powerful and​ durable, it​ is​ the​ most popular battery models available for​ portable electronics.
Although the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera doesn't supply MicroDrive or​ SD cards, it​ would be a​ good idea to​ get some for​ the​ camera .​
That way you can utilize the​ JPG still images .​
The camera is​ a​ point and​ shoot mini digital video camera suitable for​ first time users or​ casual hobbyists.
All of​ the​ functions of​ the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera are located at​ a​ menu button at​ the​ back of​ the​ camera .​
The digital zoom at​ 40X is​ powerful enough however you can get more with 200X rations .​
Without a​ tape system the​ camera isn't married to​ just one format .​
Opposed to​ tape formats, there are many more digital features .​
The still images range from Fine to​ Standard .​
With the​ standard setting the​ camera offers JPEG resolutions of​ SXGA (1280x960), XGA (1024 x 768) or​ VGA (640x480) .​
Of course the​ resulting photos can be stored on many different mediums .​
The voice recording feature records using 256 kbps right up to​ 1536 kbps .​
Some models have webcam capabilities while a​ night feature called Night Alive is​ available for​ shooting in​ extreme low light.
Positive reviews pour in​ from users that extol the​ ease and​ likeability of​ the​ product .​
This camera is​ all a​ point and​ shoot camera should be .​
For these reasons, I​ believe you should check out the​ JVC Mini Digital Camera when you go shopping for​ a​ video camera.

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