Why You Should Choose An Lcd Tv Over A Plasma Tv

Why you should choose an​ LCD TV over a​ Plasma TV
When it​ comes to​ choosing which kind of​ TV to​ buy, whether it’s LCD TV or​ Plasma TV, consumers always have a​ hard time deciding .​
That’s why we will break down everything in​ order to​ prove to​ consumers that an​ LCD TV is​ the​ much better choice over a​ Plasma TV.
LCD TV and​ Plasma TV both represent the​ fast advancing technology that is​ offering viewers the​ best in​ Television viewing .​
But it​ doesn’t mean that one would cease to​ try to​ choose between these two, the​ better option with regards to​ quality and​ money.
There are certain advantages for​ both LCD TV and​ Plasma TV but at​ a​ careful analysis it​ has been proven that the​ LCD TV offers more advantages compared to​ the​ strong points of​ Plasma TV .​
Here are some of​ the​ finer points that the​ LCD TV has proven to​ be the​ better choice .​
Study each carefully and​ hopefully it​ will help you a​ great deal in​ choosing what to​ buy and​ answer your question Why one should choose an​ LCD TV over a​ Plasma TV?
Plasma TV started out with a​ little advantage over the​ LCD TV, but with the​ newer models of​ LCD TV, it​ has since catch up and​ overtaken Plasma TV with regards to​ picture quality and​ better contrast .​
The new LCD TVs now offers a​ much better color display than Plasma TVs and​ to​ add on to​ that, LCD TVs holds a​ sizable advantage with its resolution and​ therefore will offer a​ greater viewing experience compared to​ Plasma TV.
When it​ comes to​ using LCD TV for​ game consoles, LCD TVs hold the​ edge over Plasma TV by having a​ higher amount of​ panel resolution, the​ game images will look more lifelike and​ will result in​ a​ greatly detailed video gaming experience .​
Also, these advantages of​ the​ LCD will also make it​ possible for​ texts to​ appear more visible on screen than the​ ones in​ a​ Plasma TV.
Another clear advantage of​ LCD TV is​ the​ high resolutions that it​ possess .​
This provides a​ more stable image quality that will not cause eye fatigue to​ viewers even for​ extended viewing or​ long hours of​ watching shows on LCD TV .​
It is​ also proven that LCD TV’s boasts a​ much lengthy lifetime compared to​ Plasma TVs, a​ study proves that LCD TVs has an​ average life span of​ about 50,000 hours compared to​ the​ mere 30,000 hours of​ Plasma TVs.
But the​ biggest and​ most important advantages of​ LCD TV other than the​ picture quality and​ lifespan is​ the​ cost of​ LCD TVs compared to​ Plasma TVs .​
Naturally, one would expect a​ much better quality and​ lifespan for​ something more expensive but that is​ not the​ case with the​ LCD TV and​ Plasma TV .​
LCD TV even though it​ relatively costs a​ lot cheaper than Plasma TV, it​ also offers the​ best picture quality and​ possess the​ longer life span .​
With all these in​ mind, it’s obvious that LCD TV is​ the​ best choice over its Plasma counterpart.

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