Why You Should Choose Las Vegas As Your Next Vacation Spot

Why You Should Choose Las Vegas As Your Next Vacation Spot

Las Vegas (otherwise known as​ “sin city” to​ some) is​ not the​ same place it​ was ten years ago. Today Las Vegas has many things that vacationing families will find attractive such as​ sites to​ see,​ plays,​ musicals,​ concerts,​ sport tournaments and much more.

One of​ the​ many things to​ check out in​ Las Vegas would be Circus Circus. They have a​ big indoor circus for littler children. Treasure Island,​ another great attraction,​ has a​ really cool pirate show that is​ addicting to​ watch over and over.

The Stratosphere Tower is​ another awesome site to​ see. Atop the​ tower there are some cool things to​ do,​ such as​ reverse bungee jumping or​ riding the​ world’s highest roller coaster. For those of​ you that are not familiar with reverse bungee jumping it​ is​ definitely unique; you get shot up into the​ air 160 feet at​ 45 miles per hour and then come zooming back down at​ high speeds.

Las Vegas usually has affordable lodging in​ good locations close to​ the​ Strip.

Appreciate a​ good meal? Try dinners at​ Emeril’s! the​ food is​ delicious and is​ a​ one-time experience for most. For music lovers they also have the​ Liberace museum which pays tribute to​ one of​ the​ greatest musicians to​ ever live.

Las Vegas is​ in​ the​ middle of​ the​ desert,​ so the​ temperature in​ summer often breaks 100 degrees. While in​ the​ area you might even want to​ check out the​ desert.

Make sure you keep hydrated and cool. After all it​ would not be a​ good vacation if​ you came down with heat stroke!

When the​ temperature gets too hot do not forget to​ try the​ pools or​ spas at​ some of​ the​ finest hotels around. the​ pool at​ the​ Mirage hotel is​ supposed to​ be one of​ the​ finest around - do not hesitate to​ jump in​ for some great fun!

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