Why You Should Always Write Things Down

Why You Should Always Write Things Down
When people fail to​ write things down, some serious consequences can occur .​
People lose productivity time, they waste funds, and they create stress for themselves and all of​ those in​ the environment around them .​
Most people fail to​ write things down because they believe they will be able to​ remember all of​ the important things they must during the course of​ the day .​
This, however, is​ a​ false idea .​
We find it​ difficult to​ remember all of​ the things we must because we are so busy .​
Generally, the phone rings, three people stop by your office, and you're trying to​ handle six tasks at​ once .​
We try to​ move from task to​ task .​
New thoughts pop into our minds all of​ the time .​
We are incessantly interrupted before we can complete a​ task .​
When we do write things down, we do this on small scraps of​ paper that will eventually become lost .​
Writing things down in​ the correct manner can put an​ end to​ all of​ this insanity.
In order to​ begin writing things down, you must develop and organized system of​ record keeping that works for you .​
a​ telephone log is​ a​ good place to​ start .​
You can buy a​ pre-made telephone log, or​ you can make your own .​
Be sure the log you choose has space to​ write down the name, business affiliation, and phone number of​ the person calling .​
Then be sure it​ has plenty of​ space to​ record both the nature of​ the call and the action required on your part .​
Additional information you can include in​ the log might be things like who made the call (you or​ the other party), the duration of​ the call, the date of​ the call, and the time of​ day .​
This might help you to​ determine several things when you are analyzing your phone time like how often you talk to​ certain people, the time of​ day you are most likely to​ be on the telephone, and any excess time you are spending on the phone .​
Store the log by the phone you use most frequently for business .​
Every time the phone rings, grab a​ pencil and start writing .​
Use this log for both incoming and outgoing calls to​ make your telephone time even more productive .​
Even if​ the phone will not stop ringing, you won't forget the things you need to​ do or​ remember as​ a​ result of​ the call because they will be written down .​
a​ quick read through of​ the phone log a​ few times a​ day will help refresh your memory as​ to​ tasks left unfinished .​
Moreover, you will not forget what you have told clients during previous phone conversations, which can be a​ bit of​ an​ embarrassment at​ the time .​
This same procedure can also be followed in​ the form of​ a​ visitor's log .​
It will help keep your from forgetting what you tell people who drop by your office on a​ regular basis .​
If you are speaking to​ them, and their last visits come up in​ the course of​ speaking, you can simply flip to​ your log and refresh your memory .​
It can also cut down on your failure to​ listen .​
It can be very hard not to​ listen to​ a​ visitor when you are writing down what your visitor is​ trying to​ say to​ you .​
It might also impress your visitor that you are being so thorough based on his or​ her visit.
In addition to​ your telephone and visitor's log, it​ can be very helpful to​ keep a​ small notebook with you at​ all times .​
This might help you to​ record thoughts or​ ideas that pop into your mind through the normal course of​ a​ day .​
You can simply buy a​ small notebook or​ you can purchase a​ day planner .​
These typically have a​ section for writing things like this down.
Whether you make the logs yourself or​ purchase them, writing things down to​ this degree takes persistence .​
You may find that you often forget to​ write things down .​
Take it​ one week at​ a​ time .​
Do not force yourself to​ think any further into the future than you can .​
By the time you hit the second week, you will find that it​ has become second nature to​ grab your log and start writing.

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