Why You Never Stand A Chance When Buying A Vehicle

Why You Never Stand A Chance When Buying A Vehicle

If you are in​ the market for a​ vehicle and think you can do a​ little research on the internet and then go and make a​ great deal you will get ripped off...

The reason that the average car buyer will never get a​ good deal on a​ vehicle is​ most vehicle purchases are made using emotional triggers that the auto dealers use to​ manipulate the ususpecting public.

They include:

Fear of​ Loss - once the car dealers have figured out your hot buttons and which model you are interested in​ they will make you think that there is​ only a​ few models left. if​ you are looking at​ a​ used vehicle this is​ even more evident.

Prestige - auto sales people will make you feel like a​ million bucks when driving the vehicle. They'll even ask questions like "Will this fit into your garage?" which assumes mental ownership because now you can picture the vehicle in​ your garage.

Value - every auto dealer will tell you how great the resale value of​ their vehicle is. While almost every vehicle loses an​ average of​ 25% the first year there is​ no such thing as​ a​ vehicle that has value.

While there are a​ few good auto delers out there most of​ them will try and squeeze every penny out of​ you so they can line thier wallets. Think about this. Do you know a​ poor car dealer? I sure don't.

There are a​ few steps that you can take to​ gain a​ competitive advantage:

1. Do your research online and do not go into any dealership until you have a​ good idea on what make and model you are interested in
2. Call the dealership before going to​ test drive. Most dealerships have an​ Internet Department and will sell their vehicles for less than by just walking in. Contact this department first.
3. Don't negotiate payments, just total amount of​ purchase. Most buyers fall into the trap of​ monthly payments and do not look at​ the total overall cost of​ their purchase.

With a​ few minutes of​ work you could save yourself thousands of​ dollars... if​ you would like additional money saving tips visit: http://www.BeforeYouBuyACar.com

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