Why You Must Know Your Traffic The Power Of Using Web Analytics

Why You Must Know Your Traffic The Power Of Using Web Analytics

Who are your customers? Who is​ coming to​ your site and​ how are they getting there? How many of​ them are purchasing services or​ products? How do you know?

If you don't use web analytics to​ track the​ behavior of​ traffic to​ and​ on your site, then you won't know the​ answer to​ any of​ these questions! if​ you don't know the​ answers to​ these questions, then you won't know if​ you need to​ change your advertising sources, upgrade your products or​ services, or​ rearrange the​ content and​ pages on your site. in​ order to​ know what is​ effective and​ what isn't, you have to​ analyze your traffic.

How do you analyze traffic? the​ best way is​ through tracking software. Tracking software will let you know some key information about your traffic. One of​ these is​ 'bounce,' that is, when a​ visitor comes to​ one page on your site and​ doesn't explore further before leaving. if​ most of​ your visitors bounce right off your site, it​ doesn't matter if​ you get 10,000 visitors a​ day. What you need is​ targeted traffic, visitors who land on your site and​ stay there, exploring what you have to​ offer.

You may find that your bounce rate on one page of​ your site is​ extremely high, while other pages exhibit a​ lower rank. Now, not only do you know that this is​ happening, but you know exactly where it's happening and​ you can fix that page so that it​ entices people to​ stay.

The next thing that your web analytic software can do for​ you is​ check out where your visitors are coming from. How many typed in​ your address directly? How many came through a​ link on a​ search engine? How many linked to​ you through another site? You may be paying for​ advertising on a​ site that is​ creating any traffic for​ you. Now you know and​ you can cancel that advertising subscription and​ save yourself some money. You may see that you are getting a​ high amount of​ traffic from another site. Perhaps you will choose to​ target similar sites for​ link backs in​ hopes of​ getting the​ same results.

Where do your visitors go once they get to​ your site? Are they landing on the​ pages you want them to? Are they filling out your forms or​ purchasing your inventory? How many are returning and​ how many come just once? it​ is​ with this information that you will be able to​ use web analytics to​ further figure out what it​ is​ that your site needs in​ order to​ convert visitors into buyers. This is​ called a​ conversion rate, the​ percentage of​ visitors to​ your site who make a​ purchase or​ subscribe, and​ it​ is​ critical in​ building a​ successful website for​ your business. in​ fact, it​ is​ the​ entire point of​ web analytics and​ the​ reason for​ carefully and​ accurately tracking your visitor's activities: to​ raise your conversion rate as​ much as​ possible.

Improving your conversion rate starts with tracking and​ web analytics. Without the​ accurate information, you cannot analyze the​ activities of​ your visitors. When you analyze the​ activities of​ your visitors and​ compare the​ results to​ what you would like to​ see happen on your site, page by page, then you can make changes to​ achieve those goals. After you make changes, check your numbers and​ use web analytics again to​ figure out what needs to​ be changed next. in​ this way, you can stop wasting your time and​ money on advertising and​ SEO techniques that aren't drawing or​ maintaining traffic and​ stick to​ what works, pulling targeted traffic and​ turning customers into repeat customers.

Why You Must Know Your Traffic The Power Of Using Web Analytics

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