Why Vacation In Mexico City

Why Vacation In Mexico City

Why Vacation In Mexico City?
There aren't many cities in​ the​ entire world that are larger than Mexico City,​ Mexico .​
Nicknamed,​ the​ City of​ Palaces and with a​ population of​ about 20 million,​ Mexico City is​ a​ huge,​ cosmopolitan city that sprawls over almost 3,​700 square miles .​
It is​ located in​ a​ valley on​ top of​ a​ high plateau at​ about 7,​350 feet above sea level .​
The place where the​ city rests was once Lake Texcoco .​
It seems to​ be a​ city of​ extremes and a​ dynamic place to​ visit.
Most vacationers to​ Mexico City will be fascinated with the​ history of​ the​ city itself and of​ the​ circumstances in​ which it​ came to​ be .​
The Aztecs founded Mexico City in​ the​ year 1325 on​ a​ small island in​ the​ middle of​ Lake Texcoco .​
In order for it​ to​ continue to​ grow,​ the​ small island had to​ be enlarged artificially .​
The city came under siege by the​ Spaniards 200 years later and was almost completely destroyed .​
The Spaniards then rebuilt the​ city according to​ their designs,​ which is​ mostly what you see today in​ the​ old section of​ the​ town.
There are many tours that can be taken in​ which the​ history,​ architecture,​ and culture of​ the​ city are highlighted .​
There are Aztec ruins to​ behold,​ Chapultapec Castle where the​ Halls of​ Montezuma of​ Marine Corps lore are located,​ and even an​ iconic landmark the​ Angel of​ Independence,​ which was modeled after the​ Champs-Elysees by Emperor Maxmilian of​ Mexico .​
Another popular tourist activity to​ pursue in​ Mexico City is​ to​ visit several of​ the​ over 150 museums .​
They range in​ scope from anthropological to​ modern art and while they vary in​ price,​ they are all reasonably affordable .​
The Museo Nacional de Antropologia has an​ extensive collection of​ ancient artifacts and is​ one of​ the​ finest anthropological museums in​ the​ world .​
The Museo Nacional de Arte has exhibits that mostly feature Mexican artists .​
And the​ Museo Nacional de Historia recounts the​ history of​ Mexico and Mexico City inside the​ walls of​ the​ famed Chapultapec Castle.
There are also many different types of​ sporting events that can be attended in​ and around Mexico City .​
Football or​ soccer as​ it​ is​ called in​ the​ United States is​ the​ most popular sport with stadiums that can seat over 125,​000 fans .​
Mexico City is​ home to​ 4 major pro teams and countless youth teams .​
The next most popular sport to​ attend in​ Mexico City is​ baseball .​
Their team is​ the​ Red Devils and you will find a​ very exuberant group of​ spectators at​ all of​ their games.
Perhaps by virtue of​ being the​ largest city in​ Mexico,​ Mexico City has the​ most active nightlife scene in​ all Mexican cities .​
There are almost endless choices of​ music and dance clubs available from Mariachi music and Flamenco to​ jazz and salsa clubs .​
Most venues don't begin the​ party until 10 PM or​ so and participants dance away until the​ wee hours of​ the​ morning .​
Whether you are interested in​ the​ history and culture of​ Mexico or​ just want to​ kick up your heels all night long,​ Mexico City can provide the​ kind of​ dynamic vacation experience that no other city can .​
Twenty million people can't be wrong.

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