Why Use A Sports Bra

Why Use A Sports Bra

Many people equate the​ use of​ a​ sports bra with someone who is​ highly athletic such as​ a​ runner or​ someone who participates in​ a​ great deal of​ sports activities. Though this is​ the​ general belief of​ many women, this is​ not factual information. Any woman who participates in​ even regular exercise should invest in​ a​ sports bra. a​ good sports bra is​ just as​ important as​ a​ good pair of​ the​ proper type of​ shoes for​ the​ purpose, yet 73% of​ women who exercise on a​ regular basis are not wearing them.

There are a​ great deal of​ myths that exist concerning the​ care of​ the​ breasts. One of​ these is​ that the​ breast has no muscles. the​ fact is​ that glandular tissue and​ fat comprises most of​ the​ female breast, which is​ held in​ position by very delicate ligaments. This means that an​ excessive movement of​ the​ breast such as​ that which occurs during exercise causes strain on these ligaments. Over time, the​ ligaments will stretch, and​ in​ the​ long term, the​ breasts will begin to​ sag. Once the​ ligaments stretch, there is​ no exercise that will return the​ breasts to​ their former position. Even if​ you have small breasts, exercise will cause a​ movement of​ 40mm away from the​ body, so the​ need for​ support during exercise is​ important no matter what size breasts you have.

Another problem that is​ the​ result of​ inadequate breast support is​ sore and​ tender breasts following exercise. a​ survey conducted of​ general practitioner’s showed that 80% agree that the​ support of​ a​ sports bra will reduce stress on the​ ligaments and​ help delay the​ long-term sagging breasts. Though many women are of​ the​ mistaken notion that an​ ordinary, everyday bra can provide the​ same support, studies have shown that breast movement is​ reduced by only 38% as​ opposed to​ 74% when a​ sports bra is​ worn.

If you are athletic or​ even exercise regularly, you should certainly invest in​ a​ sports bra in​ order to​ prevent the​ movement of​ your breast during periods of​ activity or​ exercise. it​ is​ also a​ welcome addition after childbirth when it​ is​ recommended that you keep your bra on twenty-four hours a​ day since a​ sports bra is​ much more comfortable for​ sleeping and​ prevents the​ breasts from moving around during sleep.

The use of​ sports bras among women is​ grossly underutilized, especially among those who regularly exercise. if​ this is​ not changed within a​ very short time frame, the​ future is​ going to​ show an​ increase in​ the​ number of​ women with weak and​ sagging breasts. the​ time to​ work toward preventing this is​ in​ the​ early years of​ life before any permanent damage has been done. as​ already stated, no exercise is​ going to​ reverse stretched ligaments that are the​ result of​ a​ lack of​ support. the​ solution to​ the​ problem is​ prevention rather than cure. Keeping this in​ mind be sure that before you attend your next exercise session, you purchase a​ well-fitting sports bra that will reduce the​ amount of​ breast movement as​ you work out or​ perform sports.

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