Why Spray Tanning

Why Spray Tanning

Whenever you get back from a​ vacation, the​ first thing family and​ friends usually comment on is​ your great tan, or​ lack thereof. Tanning has been popular since the​ early 20th century, but the​ health risks associated with the​ sun's UV rays have made maintaining an​ even tan -- much less any kind of​ tan -- difficult, especially for​ those who live in​ cold and​ rainy climates.

Enter indoor tanning salons, which became a​ popular trend in​ the​ '80s. Now, indoor tanning is​ a​ $3 billion-a-year industry in​ the​ United States alone.

Since the​ year 2000, sunless spray tanning has taken the​ tanning world by storm. it​ has provided men with a​ way to​ get and​ maintain a​ healthy-looking, even tan without being exposed to​ the​ sun's rays. What is​ most impressive is​ that, unlike previous sunless tanning methods, the​ effects of​ spray tanning actually look good.

What is​ spray tanning?
Spray tanning works by applying a​ special mist to​ the​ body. This mist is​ sprayed onto the​ body in​ a​ booth, which you can now find at​ most higher-end tanning salons and​ spas. the​ mist emitted contains dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is​ a​ chemical that reacts with dead skin cells by cosmetically dyeing them brown. So after spray tanning, the​ skin takes on a​ golden brown colour that usually looks like a​ natural tan.

Depending on the​ booth used, the​ mist will either be water or​ oil based; men with sensitive skin should opt for​ a​ water base. Also, some salons offer different types of​ mists, allowing you to​ choose the​ level of​ darkening. if​ you are very fair-skinned, keep in​ mind that going too dark will look fake and​ awkward, no matter the​ quality of​ the​ product.
Will it​ give me a​ good tan?

The mist in​ spray tanning temporarily makes your skin golden brown, not orange. the​ chemical reaction physically changes your skin colour, so there's no need to​ worry about smear lines; besides, the​ products on the​ market have been well-tested in​ order to​ make sure they provide a​ colour that looks exactly like a​ natural tan (or as​ close as​ it's going to​ get). Even fair-skinned guys who usually turn pink rather than brown while tanning will benefit from a​ bronze colour by getting a​ spray tan.
How long does it​ last?
Mystic Tan, one of​ the​ most popular brands of​ spray tanning booths, states that once an​ optimal colour is​ achieved, it​ can be maintained by tanning every five days. Fantasy Tan, a​ competitor, states that their tans will last up to​ 10 days. as​ you'll discover by reading on, there are certain measures you can take (before and​ after your spray tanning session) to​ ensure that your tan lasts as​ long as​ possible.

Here's a​ mini-lesson in​ dermatology: the​ top layer of​ your skin naturally sheds in​ order to​ give way to​ newer skin. Because that top layer of​ skin is​ the​ part that's dyed by the​ DHA, the​ tan wears off once the​ top layer of​ dead skin peels off. So, to​ extend the​ effects of​ the​ spray tan, you must use moisturizer (you know, that lotion your woman swears by) to​ keep the​ top layer from shedding as​ quickly. Basically, if​ you moisturize, you should be able to​ maintain an​ optimal tan for​ about five days.

There are many moisturizers on the​ market, by every cosmetic producer in​ the​ world. You can't walk into a​ pharmacy or​ department store without finding a​ full rack of​ the​ stuff so go out and​ get that
Tan that you deserve

Why Spray Tanning

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