Why Should You Consider Buying Two Kittens Together

Why Should You Consider Buying Two Kittens Together

Why should you Consider Buying Two Kittens Together?
You aren’t likely to​ get two for the price of​ one, and when it​ comes to​ kittens it’s not cheaper to​ buy them in​ bulk when it​ comes to​ food and kitty litter either, but there are some compensations that make it​ worth thinking about .​
Aside from saving you the initial indecision of​ whether you want the smart talking black and white kitty, or​ the cute fluffy ginger tabby, buying two kittens together can actually make sense.
Taking a​ kitten away from its mother can be traumatic for the kitty .​
Suddenly, everything is​ strange .​
There’s a​ stranger person fussing it​ and it’s not fun anymore because it​ can’t see its momma .​
The siblings aren’t there and they are sitting alone in​ a​ box, in​ a​ place they don’t recognize, and they’re terrified! Buying two kittens from the same owner should mean that you are buying siblings, or​ at​ least two kittens that have been in​ contact with each other during their first wobbly weeks .​

Aside from creating this security blanket of​ familiarity, the next best reason for buying two kittens is​ that you’re less likely to​ turn your home into a​ cat war zone! Instead of​ waging war against your sofa, rugs and drapes to​ relieve the boredom, the kittens will chase each other .​
Ok, so they may chase each other up the drapes, but that’ll soon wear off (about the time they get too heavy to​ hang there without gravity pulling them downwards) and it’ll be fleeting as​ they run around the room rather than literally hanging there looking for the best vantage point to​ view the birds outside!
The kittens will play fight and then they’ll snuggle up together .​
They’ll both vie for your attention, and yet maintain a​ united front as​ they stalk about your home and yard daring other intruders to​ enter .​
They’ll share a​ dish of​ milk and food, but fight over the same toy .​
Two kittens may require more money to​ keep than one, but they provide twice as​ much love and amusement, and great company for each other which is​ the best advantage of​ all if​ you’re out at​ work most of​ the day.

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