Why Sharp Believe Lcd Tvs Are The Future

Why Sharp Believe LCD TV's Are the​ Future
With the​ advent of​ LCD TV's, an​ argument has raged over which offers the​ better picture quality, the​ older but still impressive plasma screens, or​ the​ newer LCD models .​
There are pros and​ cons to​ both arguments, yet one manufacturer has made its thoughts clear: by producing their TV's purely with the​ LCD technology, Sharp state their case on the​ future of​ TV's.
Whereas plasma TV's can offer excellent HD quality resolution, Sharp believe that only LCD TV's can offer the​ highest picture quality to​ immerse yourself in .​
This is​ compounded by their astounding 6.2 million sub pixels on display on their HD LCD TV's (compared to​ around 2 million pixels that are the​ maximum on most plasma TV's).
LCD TV's are far more energy efficient as​ well, with an​ average saving of​ up to​ 30% less than a​ plasma TV .​
With the​ amount of​ use that a​ Sharp LCD TV will probably get, so engrossed you'll be by its performance, it​ won't only save you money, but you can feel satisfied that you are doing your bit for​ the​ environment as​ well.
Another reason Sharp have firmly placed their allegiance to​ the​ LCD market is​ the​ reliability factor they believe this technology has over the​ plasma generation .​
Whereas the​ brightness of​ a​ plasma screen can start to​ fade and​ lose its definition after anywhere between 30,000 to​ 60,000 hours of​ viewing time, LCD's offer a​ minimum 60,000 hours and​ beyond .​
Which, even though the​ cost of​ sets are coming down all the​ time, is​ a​ relief for​ those who a​ TV set purchase is​ a​ once in​ a​ blue moon occurrence.
Plasma screens also have a​ tendency to​ suffer from 'burn in', which basically means that should you the​ same image on screen for​ a​ given length of​ time, it​ will leave a​ superimposed version of​ itself on the​ screen .​
With LCD TV's, Sharp argue this is​ not a​ problem, due to​ the​ technology used in​ their construction .​
Considering one of​ the​ main reasons for​ buying an​ HD product is​ to​ use with the​ latest video game systems, which are frequently paused or​ have more static screens than a​ movie, this feature is​ a​ godsend.
One of​ the​ major advantages that Sharp argues LCD TV's have over plasma, however, is​ in​ the​ size and​ weight factor .​
Since LCD sets use crystal displays as​ their method of​ performance, they weigh considerably less than a​ plasma set of​ equivalent screen size .​
Therefore, should you wish to​ mount it​ on your wall (which is​ becoming a​ highly popular, not to​ mention elegant, alternative to​ free standing sets in​ a​ corner of​ the​ room), you can easily carry this out yourself .​
For more advice on wall mounting your Sharp TV, go to: www.tv-wall-brackets.co.uk/blog/sharp-wall-brackets .​
Since plasmas are heavier, you would need a​ qualified installer to​ arrange this for​ you – hardly the​ stress free existence you wish to​ enjoy with your new piece of​ technology.

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