Why Price Is Not Everything When Buying Luggage

Why Price Is Not Everything When Buying Luggage

Broken zippers, ripped seams, plastic rollers, bent handles. These are some of​ the bad effects of​ purchasing luggage based solely on price alone. When it​ comes to​ protecting your things, the cost of​ luggage is​ not one area where you want to​ scrimp.

Even if​ you decide to​ purchase a​ warranty on your luggage, the terms of​ the warranty can be very confusing and, in​ the end, not much is​ really covered. By the time you pay to​ send your item for repair, it’s not really worth the effort.

One very common problem that occurs with inexpensive luggage is​ the use of​ plastic wheels or​ rollers. Plastic rollers do not roll well and tend to​ break easily. Your luggage will be prone to​ tipping over, making it​ difficult to​ drag the luggage on the thin airport carpet. Your luggage will surely spend more time on its sides that on its wheels.

Another common problem is​ the poor construction of​ the extendable handle. Sometimes, these handles do not properly extend and lock which will eventually bend the handle. Once it​ bends, it​ can no longer extend properly, making the handle useless and making it​ impossible for you to​ pull your wheeled luggage.

And nothing can fix a​ broken zipper. if​ your luggage has one of​ those big, cheap metal zippers, chances are at​ some point its going to​ split. Maybe it​ will happen when you pack your luggage too full, or​ when your luggage ends up squashed by heavier luggage in​ the baggage area of​ the plane.

There is​ only one way to​ make sure none of​ these scenarios happen to​ you. Be careful to​ buy luggage only from a​ well-known manufacturer. Read lots of​ consumer reviews on the luggage you are considering purchasing to​ see what others have experienced. Check the Internet for information about the brand or​ brands you have your eye on so you will be well informed. Compare, and don’t fall for sales that advertise $400 luggage for $200. Don’t be sucked in​ by so-called “designer” luggage. Calvin Klein may make great jeans, but that doesn’t mean they can make great luggage. Construction is​ everything in​ great luggage.

Think carefully about the kind of​ use your luggage will get. if​ you travel frequently, more expensive luggage is​ definitely worth the money. While shopping, be sure to​ open the luggage and thoroughly check the inside.

Why Price Is Not Everything When Buying Luggage

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