Why People Are Buying Land For Sale In Arkansas

Why People Are Buying Land For Sale In Arkansas

Why People are Buying Land for Sale in​ Arkansas
There are few feelings as​ rewarding as​ owning your own piece of​ land .​
The American spirit is​ essentially one of​ transience; our forbears were always restlessly and relentlessly pushing onward to​ the next frontier .​
But after the explorers came the waves of​ settlers, who found solace in​ being able to​ stake their claims and call the land their own .​
Their legacy is​ one that has seeped into our collective consciousness: the desire to​ plant our roots and carve out our own slice of​ the American dream .​
That's why home ownership is​ at​ an​ all-time high, and why people are increasingly buying undeveloped land for sale .​
Complementing with the simple desire to​ buy land is​ the knowledge that, over time, land appreciates in​ value .​
As far as​ investments go, real estate brings incredibly high returns on investments and can lay the foundation for future financial security .​
One of​ the keys to​ buying land for sale, either as​ an​ investment or​ as​ the future site of​ your home, is​ finding a​ location that is​ currently undervalued, but that will increase in​ value over time .​
For that reason, many people are now buying land in​ Arkansas, most notably lake land in​ and around the Ozark Mountains .​
There are any number of​ planned communities, including a​ golf community or​ two, that are going to​ take shape in​ the coming years .​
Those in​ the know are snapping up parcels and are positioning themselves to​ get a​ favorable return on investment as​ Baby Boomers retire and wish to​ take up residence in​ affordable locations .​
Why Arkansas and why the Ozarks? One of​ the primary reasons that people are buying land there is​ that property taxes are among the lowest, if​ not the lowest, in​ the country .​
Owners of​ some parcels pay as​ little as​ seven dollars per year in​ property taxes .​
Another reason is​ that the climate is​ unbeatable; the four seasons have moderate temperatures, and the area is​ out of​ the range of​ the hurricanes that can devastate nearby states .​
In addition, many of​ the available parcels are land for sale by owner (or FSBO), or​ foreclosures .​
As a​ result, the prices are very low .​
Some estimates put land for sale in​ this area as​ twenty or​ more years behind comparable areas around the country .​
If you're considering buying land for sale in​ Arkansas, it's wise to​ first contact the largest owners and sellers of​ private building lots in​ the state .​
Oftentimes, these sellers live in​ the same area as​ the parcels you're considering, and so have a​ stake in​ ensuring that you are pleased with your purchase .​
Furthermore, they frequently offer unique and unbeatable financing packages, whereby you don't have to​ qualify for a​ mortgage .​
Instead, you make a​ low monthly payment and, upon completion of​ your payment schedule, you receive the deed to​ your land .​
Some of​ these owners and sellers use the Internet to​ offer a​ stunning variety of​ land for sale .​
Because they're mom and pop businesses, they don't have a​ lot of​ overhead and so can sell parcels at​ incredibly low prices .​
They also allow you to​ buy land online with owner financing, and offer a​ written satisfaction guarantee .​
Bargain prices, owner financing, and low monthly payments enable virtually anyone to​ buy land for sale and own their own piece of​ the American dream.

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