Why Nursing Is One Of The Strongest Areas Of The Us Economy

Why Nursing Is One Of The Strongest Areas Of The Us Economy

Why Nursing is​ One of​ the​ Strongest Areas of​ the​ US Economy
Nursing is​ often considered the​ recession proof career. While it​ is​ possible to​ cut back in​ many areas of​ life when the​ economy goes south, medical care is​ not one of​ those areas. Whether you have plenty of​ money or​ very little, you still get sick, or​ you may get injured. This makes visiting a​ hospital or​ doctor a​ necessity. Very few people stop to​ think about medical bills before visiting the​ hospital in​ the​ case of​ an emergency.
Medical careers in​ general, and​ nurses in​ particular, are growing at​ a​ rate that is​ quicker than most other careers. the​ need for​ healthcare workers is​ across the​ board, with a​ growing demand in​ hospitals, long term care facilities, home health care agencies and​ physicians offices. Nurses are also employed in​ other settings, such as​ community health departments, schools and​ as​ telephone consultants for​ managed care providers.
Growing needs for​ healthcare
One of​ the​ factors in​ the​ need for​ more nurses is​ the​ aging population of​ the​ US. the​ baby boomer population, the​ largest in​ our countrys history, is​ getting older, and​ in​ growing need of​ medical care. Older patients have different needs than younger ones. This will lead to​ a​ growing demand for​ nurses that are willing to​ work in​ the​ long term care setting as​ well as​ nurses that work in​ home healthcare.
Another consideration in​ the​ aging population is​ skyrocketing medical costs. While advancements in​ medical care mean that many conditions can be treated more successfully than in​ past years, technology comes at​ a​ price. Patients are spending less time than ever in​ the​ hospital. Once their condition is​ managed, they are released to​ a​ nursing facility or​ their home. in​ the​ past, many home health agencies employed LPNs or​ nurses aides to​ visit their in​ home patients. With the​ increased medical demands and​ need for​ training, registered nurses are becoming a​ sought after addition to​ many home health agencies rosters.
Recessionproof yourself
While nursing is​ one of​ the​ most recession proof careers you could chose, there are many people with nursing degrees that are unemployed. Some of​ these people are not working by choice, and​ others may not be able to​ find a​ job in​ their area, or​ the​ wage is​ not high enough to​ justify hiring a​ babysitter. for​ some others, the​ only jobs available may require shift work, which some people are not interested in​ at​ all.
To best position yourself for​ the​ growing need for​ nurses, and​ make sure that you are recession proof, take some proactive steps.
Invest in​ a​ bachelor degree. Although you can become an RN with an associate’s degree, and​ you will still be an RN once you complete your bachelor degree, it​ is​ very worthwhile and​ beneficial to​ your career. Many healthcare settings require anyone in​ management to​ have a​ four year degree, and​ you will definitely need it​ if​ you want to​ pursue a​ nurse practitioner degree.
Consider a​ nurse practitioner program. Many hospitals offer tuition reimbursement, so pursuing a​ graduate degree is​ surprisingly affordable. as​ healthcare needs continue to​ grow, nurse practitioners, who can diagnose, treat and​ prescribe, just like a​ doctor, are becoming increasingly in​ demand.
Specialize. Whatever area you work in, or​ want to​ work in, consider a​ specialization program. Take continuing education in​ emergency care, pediatrics or​ any other field you work in. the​ point is, make yourself an expert.
Socialize. Get to​ know nurses at​ other care facilities. There are more job opportunities for​ nurses than you can imagine. if​ you find yourself on the​ hunt for​ a​ job, networking is​ the​ quickest way to​ find a​ new position.
Understand that recession proof does not mean lucrative. Although the​ pay scale for​ nursing today is​ strong, there is​ no guarantee that it​ will remain that way. as​ hospitals search for​ ways to​ cut costs, there are only so many ends to​ trim. at​ some point salaries and​ hours may be cut, and​ a​ nurses patient load may increase. if​ this happens, the​ job becomes infinitely more stressful.
Finding a​ Balance
Because of​ the​ demand for​ nurses, many in​ this profession work long hours in​ multiple positions. Per Diem positions are lucrative for​ the​ nurse who wants to​ stay home with her children, but desires a​ little extra cash. as​ more people realize the​ job security offered by nursing, it​ is​ expected that more people will choose it​ as​ a​ career. What is​ currently unknown is​ if​ the​ supply will keep up with the​ demand.

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