Why Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate In Belize

Why Now Is The Time To Buy Real Estate In Belize

Why NOW is​ the​ Time to​ Buy Real Estate in​ Belize
Last year Belize appointed a​ new Tourism Minister who is​ committed to​ the​ development and​ promotion of​ Belize as​ a​ luxury market for​ private tourism; this fact is​ the​ number one force driving massive real estate investment in​ Belize right now.
While Belize has long been associated with low cost and​ attractive real estate and​ has long been considered an​ affordable overseas destination for​ British and​ American tourists and​ retirees, never before has it​ sought to​ so fully embrace its cultural and​ ecological advantages and​ build on its reputation as​ a​ friendly and​ relaxed destination to​ directly target the​ wealthier tourism market.
Belize is​ of​ course already a​ tourism hotspot with travellers drawn to​ the​ beautiful cayes, the​ beaches, the​ barrier reef and​ the​ flora and​ fauna…but with the​ development of​ a​ luxury end tourist market place in​ Belize, the​ appeal of​ the​ country can only rise and​ rise .​

International real estate investors are well aware of​ this fact and​ are buying up land and​ property in​ Belize to​ position themselves ahead of​ the​ projected upward swing in​ real estate prices.
Those who are taking advantage of​ Belize’s policy of​ actively attracting investment today will benefit over the​ medium term when the​ country’s plans for​ the​ development and​ promotion of​ the​ tourism market are fulfilled .​
In other words, those who buy now stand the​ very best chance of​ making maximum profit.
Not only are real estate investors well aware of​ this fact, a​ growing number of​ American baby boomers are too and​ they are securing their retirement lot now while prices remain attractively low .​
They know that if​ they spend the​ next few years before they retire getting their ideal property built so that it​ will be fully completed and​ ready to​ move into when Belize is​ well under way with establishing itself as​ a​ sophisticated travel destination, they will be moving straight in​ to​ a​ more sophisticated country as​ a​ result.
In terms of​ what will drive residential property prices up in​ Belize, as​ more and​ more people travel to​ Belize so more and​ more people will understand the​ charm and​ appeal of​ the​ country and​ will wish to​ set up home or​ buy a​ vacation home in​ Belize .​
This increase in​ demand for​ real estate in​ Belize will come from an​ increasingly wealthy section of​ society if​ the​ Tourism Minister’s plans for​ Belize come to​ fruition and​ these people will be able to​ afford to​ pay more for​ property and​ this will sustain price increases .​
Furthermore any increase in​ demand naturally pushes property prices up anyway - and​ in​ fact this trend has already started in​ the​ most attractive coastal resorts in​ Belize and​ just highlights the​ shape of​ things to​ come .​

Therefore NOW is​ the​ time to​ buy real estate in​ Belize if​ an​ investor wants to​ get the​ most for​ his money whilst buying into the​ maximum period of​ growth potential.

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