Why Is It Vitally Important To Buy A Travel Medical Insurance When Booking A Trip

The high travel season is​ at​ the​ corner now. People from all walks of​ life around the​ world are currently busy searching for the​ best offers of​ air and land travel,​ accommodations,​ vacation packages to​ suit their dreams,​ needs and budgets. Some of​ them have even started to​ make their reservations.

Here I would like to​ emphasize one vitally important thing,​ which is​ a​ must to​ remember when booking a​ trip,​ but ignored by a​ great number of​ travelers.

Much has been written on​ the​ importance of​ having insurance coverage while you​ are on​ a​ trip,​ away from home. This is​ an​ issue that remains somewhat ignored by many travelers. After all,​ they have been traveling frequently for many years,​ and nothing happened so far to​ worry about. So,​ to​ buy a​ travel insurance should not a​ be a​ must. it​ is​ only an​ optional precaution!

But,​ reality urges us to​ believe traveling anywhere in​ the​ world without protection today,​ is​ a​ vital mistake. Regardless of​ where you​ are traveling in​ the​ world,​ you​ must have an​ insurance coverage to​ survive any unexpected attacks and disasters,​ especially after the​ 9/11 attacks in​ the​ U.S.A.

Let's say,​ you​ have been planning the​ trip of​ your dreams for a​ long time; you​ have finally found the​ opportunity to​ make your long time dreams of​ a​ special trip come true.

You are so excited! you​ have thought of​ all the​ details. you​ have been actively preparing for this travel; thinking,​ programming,​ shopping . . . spending a​ lot of​ time,​ money,​ and energy! you​ are proud of​ yourself that you​ have finally managed to​ materialize your dream!

Your trip can really be an​ unforgettable experience from start to​ the​ end,​ on​ one condition.

When booking your trip,​ you​ should have remembered that,​ like most exciting events in​ our lives,​ travel has some important risks,​ too. For example,​ potential medical and/or financial risks associated with travel,​ can suddenly turn all the​ excitement and pleasures of​ the​ trip to​ a​ nightmare.

Your baggage and/or your hand bag with your money,​ passport,​ credit cards in,​ can be stolen leaving you​ desperate & frustrated in​ a​ foreign country.

No one can guarantee that a​ natural disaster would not happen at​ the​ place you​ would be staying during your trip.

An unexpected accident,​ injury or​ illness would suddenly ruin everything. in​ fact,​ in​ the​ recent years medical costs have increased dramatically,​ worldwide. How would you​ be able to​ pay the​ emergency medical expenses,​ expensive hospital bills if​ you​ needed an​ urgent treatment,​ or​ surgery and care during your travel when you​ have lost your money,​ credit cards,​ and passport? Isn't it​ a​ real nightmare?

In such a​ frustration,​ the​ only thing you​ would have needed to​ survive was a​ reliable medical and travel insurance policy,​ wasn't it?.

Especially in​ the​ light of​ the​ horrible threats on​ and after September 11 terrorist attacks,​ the​ war on​ terror,​ other ruthless terror attacks in​ Istanbul,​ Spain,​ Egypt and London,​ frequent flight disruptions and cancellations,​ airlines' bankruptcies,​ and more. in​ addition,​ travel suppliers such as​ tour operators and airlines worldwide have made cancellation policies more restrictive.

Therefore,​ if​ you​ have to​ cancel a​ trip,​ it's likely that a​ big portion of​ your pre-paid travel expenses will not be refunded by travel suppliers.

Recent SARS and bird flu threats have also been urging travelers and vacationers to​ seriously consider to​ buy a​ travel and medical insurance.

Travel Insurance types and prices defer from one travel insurance provider to​ another.

You have to​ review,​ compare and select the​ best offers to​ suit your personal needs.

For instance,​ some insurance providers do not offer coverage outside the​ U.S.A. Some companies do not provide emergency medical coverage and care,​ while others do.

Some airlines do not accept to​ be held responsible for the​ acts of​ God,​ weather problems,​ natural disasters,​ riots and unrests,​ SARS,​ bird flu,​ and similar outbreaks.

The Insurance types you​ will need on​ a​ trip are reviewed below:

Last Minute Cancellation Insurance
With the​ last minute cancellation and/or interruption insurance you​ will get coverage on​ non-refundable deposits you​ had made when you​ bought your travel insurance. Read the​ fine print on​ the​ policy carefully when buying this insurance. you​ should discuss your personal needs with your insurance agent before buying it.

Medical Insurance
This is​ one of​ the​ most important insurance policies you​ should have. Buying health and medical insurance must be considered as​ an​ important part of​ your travel budget. you​ can face a​ health problem or​ an​ accident anywhere and anytime during your trip. Be sure your medical and health insurance policy covers illness,​ accidents,​ surgeries,​ hospitalization bills in​ the​ countries you​ will be visiting,​ emergency medical transportation to​ your home country. Please remember to​ have your policies with you​ when traveling,​ leaving the​ copies of​ your insurance policies with a​ relative in​ your home country,​ in​ case the​ policies you​ have with you​ are lost.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy
This policy generally covers emergency medical transportation and trip cancellation and interruption,​ plus other needs you​ would expect. This insurance costs 5 to​ 7 percent of​ the​ total cost of​ the​ trip. you​ should have it​ for your safety.

What types of​ insurance policies do we need for a​ full protection?

The Essential Insurance Types offered by most providers are Travel,​ Last Minute,​ Medical,​ Health,​ Life,​ Hotel,​ Cruise,​ Air,​ Vacations,​ Luxury,​ car insurance,​ sports,​ and Spa Insurance policies.

Some travel insurance companies also offer affordable coverage for a​ wide range of​ winter sports including Ski,​ Off-Piste and Snowboarding.

We might need not one,​ but several types of​ insurance policies according to​ the​ general conditions at​ the​ destinations we're going to.

If your your kids are going with you,​ many travel insurance providers let them go free with adults.

Some companies provide policies for students,​ backpackers,​ cheap travel,​ holiday insurance,​ long stay,​ international,​ family travel,​ single travel,​ annual travel,​ annual multi-trips,​ and more. It's good to​ know that in​ this cyber age,​ you​ can buy the​ insurance policies you​ need online,​ without even leaving your home.
Most Travel Insurance policies cover Luggage Loss,​ too.

But you​ should definitely ask about what's covered and what's not when choosing Travel Insurance Policy to​ buy. Do ask questions,​ all questions you​ might have in​ mind,​ until you​ get all the​ information you​ need. It's much better to​ ask questions when buying insurance than to​ be sorry later.

How can I find the​ best insurance type to​ suit my personal or​ family needs?

When choosing a​ travel insurance policy to​ buy,​ you​ should get information on​ the​ offers of​ various insurance providers to​ compare.

Knowing how time consuming is​ to​ search,​ compare and choose the​ best travel and medical insurance types and prices to​ suit your needs and budget,​ we advice to​ visit the​ websites where you​ can find lists and information about various offers,​ then compare them,​ and choose the​ best ones to​ suit your needs.

You should keep in​ mind that buying your travel insurance through travel insurance providers,​ instead of​ travel agencies,​ would save you​ money in​ most cases.

In the​ light of​ terrorist attacks,​ unexpected natural disasters like earthquakes,​ tsunamis,​ deadly hurricanes,​ floods,​ epidemics,​ accidents,​ illness,​ SARS,​ bird flu,​ claiming hundreds of​ thousands of​ lives at​ many places around the​ world,​ especially in​ the​ recent years,​ every traveler must seriously consider to​ buy a​ travel health and a​ medical insurance,​ and some other insurance policies if​ needed,​ providing a​ reliable full coverage against both expected and unexpected threats.

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