Why Insurance Agents Should Offer Identity Theft Protection Service

Why Insurance Agents Should Offer Identity Theft Protection Service
Why Insurance Agents Should Offer Identity Theft Protection Service
Statistics in​ print,​ online and other media show that identity theft has become a​ major topic of​ discussion over the​ past few years .​
In fact,​ the​ figures regarding the​ costs and time involved in​ identity theft – both for businesses and individuals is​ almost staggering .​
With this in​ mind,​ a​ new type of​ insurance has been established as​ a​ result .​
And it’s known as​ personal identity theft insurance.
Personal Identity Theft Insurance Coverage
Here are some of​ the​ main points covered by personal identity theft insurance .​
Check with insurance agents in​ our area for more details and to​ see what’s covered in​ your area.
1) At this point in​ time,​ personal identity theft insurance basically averages between $25 and $50 per year .​
It mainly covers up to​ around a​ sum total of​ $15,​000 through $25,​000 worth of​ expenses,​ including some lost wages that may result from time taken off work to​ handle the​ identity theft-related fraud issues .​
However,​ coverage incurred for this benefit most often will not surpass $500 in​ a​ week’s time plus it​ is​ more often than not limited to​ four weeks in​ full of​ total coverage.
2) Some attorney fees may also be included in​ this coverage,​ so check accordingly with insurance agents / providers .​
They’ll also have limits,​ if​ this is​ covered.
3) Some insurance coverage for personal identity theft may also extend to​ long distance fees,​ notary fees and certified postal mailing costs for the​ competing and delivering of​ fraud affidavits so that they go to​ the​ right parties involved.
4) Some additional fees that may be required when reapplying for new installment and other loans plus new credit cards,​ even for accounts that were possibly turned down earlier because of​ the​ fraudulent credit information may also be covered,​ at​ least to​ a​ certain extent with identity theft insurance.
Note that while personal identity theft coverage is​ in​ itself not an​ actual ‘fix’ for your credit record,​ history or​ criminal record,​ it​ does help pay for many expenses associated with the​ fix for you​ in​ time,​ help,​ money and reaching out to​ clear things up .​
Overall,​ the​ insurance for identity theft will most often cover expenses totaling up to​ and not exceeding $1,​000 .​
But every little bit helps! And to​ many,​ $1,​000 can represent a​ huge chunk of​ time and money,​ especially when your know upfront that the​ chips will be down: i.e .​
that you’ll be bummed,​ busy trying to​ juggle your regular daily activities while being right smack in​ the​ middle of​ chaotic theft.
Take steps to​ safeguard your private and personal information.
Help reach out to​ others you​ know to​ alert them to​ this info for their safety .​
Print out helpful articles like this and share copies with others,​ even emailing them as​ well to​ help others stay safe online and off.
Also bookmark helpful sites and blogs and subscribe to​ them .​
This will help you​ stay advised of​ alerts and updates regarding identity theft issues and topics are also great ideas.
So know you​ know why insurance agents should offer Identity Theft Protection Service .​
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