Why The Information Age Is Dead

The Information Age is​ dead. We stand at​ the cusp of​ a​ new era. We used to​ live in​ the Information Age, but you know how it​ goes when everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Too much of​ a​ good thing became a​ bad thing. I know you feel it. We both know that everyone is​ glutted with more information than we know what to​ do with. You surf the web and there is​ page after page of​ information, right? But how do you sort and sift through it​ all and solve your problems? How do you get what you need—quickly?

We used to​ want information, but now we want something better. That is​ why we are at​ the dawn of​ a​ new age. The Recommendation Age. People don’t want information. They want solutions to​ their problems, and that means they need information filtered through the expertise of​ someone who has gone before them. And that’s going to​ be YOU! You will write your book and become a​ noted expert in​ your field.

In his book, The Long Tail, Chris Anderson wrote about the dawning of​ this new age. He said that what people want is​ not more information, but a​ trusted guide who can give context to​ the content.

Your Life Experiences and Passion position you with the natural readiness to​ make recommendations to​ others. It’s human nature. You do it​ all the time in​ small ways. Think about it. Haven’t you ever told a​ friend—or even a​ stranger—to steer clear of​ a​ product that doesn’t live up to​ expectations? Haven’t you ever suggested a​ tasty dish at​ a​ restaurant, or​ told a​ friend why she would absolutely love a​ movie you just saw?

I know you have. We all do this. That’s the power of​ Recommendation Marketing. It’s time to​ cash in​ on a​ natural human tendency. Since four out of​ five people want to​ write a​ book, chances are excellent that you have always dreamed of​ telling your own story and leaving your own legacy.

It’s time for YOU to​ write your book and become an​ expert millionaire.

Where do people go when they have a​ problem? The Internet. This is​ where you should start. Get your book online.

We are drowning in​ information. The Internet’s greatest advantage is​ that it​ level the playing field. Now everybody with a​ computer and an​ internet connection has access to​ the same information. But the greatest asset has also become the greatest annoyance. Today we are drowning in​ information. We are over-communicated to.

What will you recommend? How will YOU solve other people’s problems. The type of​ writing that sells the best on the internet is​ non-fiction. People want help solving their problems.

What problems will YOU solve for people? Look to​ your own life. What do you do naturally that other people struggle with? What challenges have you overcome?

The information age is​ dead. We’re drowning in​ information. What people want now is​ for an​ expert to​ recommend a​ solution. The Recommendation Age is​ here. Take your place as​ an​ expert and cash in​ on the Recommendation Age by writing YOUR book—starting now!

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