Why The Frogs No Longer Sing A Case Study On The Survival Of A
Freshwater Lake

Why The Frogs No Longer Sing A Case Study On The Survival Of A Freshwater Lake

I was disturbed to​ read today that the​ frogs from the​ Tasek Chini were no longer singing. They have practically disappeared. This may not seemed strange to​ you, in​ fact, you may not have any idea where Tasek Chini is​ . After all, it​ "was" a​ beautiful large mass of​ freshwater lake in​ the​ tropical forests of​ Malaysia. it​ "was" because it​ now no longer is​ beautiful as​ it​ was, with pollution levels reportedly 56 times higher than is​ considered healthy, and​ worse, this is​ right inside the​ tropical jungle.

The frogs are not the​ only ones disappearing. the​ fishes, cobras, pythons are also diminishing in​ numbers. Weeds called the​ "Cat's Tail" have proliferated, snuffing out important sunlight that would allow organisms to​ grow.

This is​ worrying enough for​ some concrete action to​ be taken to​ revive the​ ecosystem. in​ retrospect, how can action be taken to​ protect the​ environment, or​ a​ delicate ecosystem such as​ Tasek Chini, or​ any other lake in​ the​ world?

Here at​ Tasek Chini I read about the​ Sustainable Development Network or​ SUSDEN which is​ running the​ Save Tasik Chini Campaign since August 2004, and​ these are remedial steps taken by the​ authorities and​ the​ Non Government organisations in​ concert to​ step the​ decline:

1. Collect and​ remove fallen trees and​ weeds that choke the​ lake
2. reduce the​ pollution that comes from newly developed training camps for​ National Service that have been built near the​ lake
3. reduce the​ industrial pollution from nearby oil palm estates that bring fertilisers and​ pesticides into the​ lake
4. stop illegal logging activities near the​ lake
5. disallow opening of​ land within the​ forest near the​ lake
6. introducing programs to​ empower the​ aborigines called Jakun living in​ the​ surrounding areas of​ the​ lakes so that they continue to​ live there with their traditional resources that are linked to​ biodiversity conservation.

Most important of​ all is​ education to​ children on the​ importance of​ the​ lake and​ introduce them to​ the​ lifestyle of​ the​ aborgines living off the​ land surrounding the​ lake. These aborigines lived in​ harmony with the​ animals, plants and​ environment and​ they ensure the​ survival of​ the​ lake.

Now if​ you do have a​ lake in​ your area where you are living, ensure that the​ frogs stll sing. Frogs are a​ good barometer of​ the​ environment. Frogs are declining due to​ habitat destruction, contamination, predation and​ genetic pollution. Will the​ frogs sing again at​ Tasek Cini? We do not know yet, but there is​ one thing we do know. Irregardless of​ where we are, if​ we save the​ frogs, we may be able to​ save our lives too.

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