Why Ezine Advertising Still Works

Lately I've been hearing a​ lot of​ rumblings around the​ internet marketing community that say ezine advertising is​ dead and​ gone.

I have to​ tell you that ezine advertising is​ alive and​ well -- and​ still one of​ the​ most effective and​ powerful forms of​ internet marketing available.

There are several reasons this is​ true but I'll simply concentrate on three main points.

Today's ezines and​ newsletters are permission-based which means subscribers want to​ receive these messages in​ their emailbox. Responsible publishers are proactive about giving subscribers total control over their subscription and​ working closely with their mailing service to​ ensure as​ close to​ 100 percent deliverability as​ possible. Ezines deliver because they have to​ do so or​ shut down.

The experts in​ internet marketing and​ search engine optimization offer wide ranging and​ diverse opinions about what the​ best marketing technique may be, but they all agree on one point -- content is​ king on the​ internet. Content is​ attractive to​ search engines and​ visitors alike. it​ is​ content that makes a​ site sticky and​ successful. and​ content is​ one area where ezines and​ newsletters reign supreme. in​ today's permission-driven environment they need to​ deliver quality information or​ they'll quickly be out of​ business. Imagine your ad placed in​ a​ prominent position beside high-quality information that your target audience wants. That is​ what ezine advertising can deliver.

If content is​ king then links are the​ lifeblood of​ the​ internet. Without links surfers could not navigate around the​ internet and​ without links search engines will not locate web sites and​ pages. Oneoften overlooked aspect of​ ezines and​ newsletters is​ the​ powerful text link benefits offered by ezine advertising. While most people are attracted by the​ immediate return of​ their message appearing before X number of​ subscribers, they do not realize that their ezine ad could work for​ them weeks, months and​ years after it​ was read via email. Almost all ezines and​ newsletters are archived on the​ web and​ because of​ the​ content they provide often those archives are crawled regularly and​ ranked high by search engines -- and​ provide you with valuable back links to​ help increase your search engine standing.

You can dismiss ezine advertising as​ dead and​ gone and​ concentrate on other forms of​ internet marketing. Yes, you can dismiss ezine advertising, and​ you can miss out on immediate results from a​ targeted audience and​ you can miss out on valuable back links working for​ you long into the​ future.

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