Why Do We Read Magazines

Why Do We Read Magazines

In a​ world of​ instant information it​ would seem that the​ sale of​ magazines would be obsolete. After all, why purchase a​ periodical when you can have information texted to​ you with lightening speed. Why take the​ time to​ leaf through the​ pages of​ a​ magazine when you can look up online, anything you could possibly ever want to​ know. While the​ spread of​ electronic knowledge and​ information is​ on the​ rise it​ doesn’t seem to​ put a​ damper on the​ purchase of​ Magazine subscriptions.

There is​ something about the​ feel of​ the​ pages between your finger tips that a​ computer screen just can’t duplicate. There is​ an​ indescribable joy in​ the​ luxury of​ words that can be spent on the​ pages of​ a​ magazine but tend to​ be lost on a​ Blackberry. Women will always enjoy the​ pleasure of​ paging through their favorite celebrity gossip magazine while under the​ dryer at​ the​ beauty shop just as​ many men enjoy catching up on the​ sporting or​ financial news while commuting on public transportation. There is​ just something rich and​ real about reading a​ magazine that supersedes the​ ease of​ information from electronic sources.

The history of​ the​ magazine dates all the​ way back to​ the​ 1700’s when the​ aristocracy read periodicals that contained news of​ parliament, book lists and​ reviews, and​ social and​ political essays written by the​ foremost thinkers of​ the​ time. Only the​ rich could afford to​ purchase magazines and​ only the​ few educated people of​ the​ time had the​ skills to​ read them.

By the​ 1830’s magazines were much less expensive and​ therefore available to​ the​ masses. Because they had a​ different target as​ their audience, popular themes for​ magazines included self improvement and​ personal enlightenment. After a​ while publishers began to​ realize that many people would buy magazines for​ their entertainment value and​ started printing interesting news stories and​ serializing horror, romance and​ fiction novels.

During the​ late 1800’s improvements to​ magazines came about through the​ process of​ better printing techniques. in​ 1870, printers experimented with better uses of​ color and​ were soon able to​ print adequate reproductions of​ famous paintings, so that the​ masses could enjoy what had been restricted to​ the​ upper classes for​ so long. in​ 1880 tremendous advances in​ the​ art of​ photography were made and​ soon it​ was possible for​ magazines to​ contain photographs. This opened people up to​ the​ things of​ the​ world they had never seen before. When publishers combined printed text with photographs, merchants saw the​ possibilities and​ suddenly the​ advertisements sections in​ magazines grew. What better way to​ sell a​ product than to​ have a​ description and​ a​ true to​ life photograph in​ your ad?

With the​ turn of​ the​ century came better education. as​ more and​ more people were able to​ receive at​ least some form of​ education, more people were able to​ read and​ the​ demand for​ magazines grew in​ leaps and​ bounds. By the​ thirties, advertising in​ magazines hit a​ high mark, showing that the​ popularity of​ the​ medium had grown extensively. Soon publishers began to​ find niche markets from which to​ create unique magazines. Out of​ this movement grew the​ vast variety of​ specialty magazines available on the​ market today. for​ any hobby you can think of, there is​ at​ least one magazine dedicated to​ the​ pursuit of​ that form of​ entertainment. There are trade magazines geared toward just about every industry in​ existence. There are magazines geared for​ the​ interest of​ every age group, special interest group, and​ even many clubs and​ organizations.

The popularity of​ magazines is​ sustained because you can pick up a​ magazine at​ anytime and​ browse through it. Then you can put it​ back and​ come right back to​ where you left off. They are entertaining and​ informative, and​ great for​ casual readers who are looking for​ a​ pleasant way to​ pass the​ time while being entertained and​ picking up a​ little useful information.

Why Do We Read Magazines

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