Why Do So Many People Fail To Achieve Financial Freedom

Why Do So Many People Fail To Achieve Financial Freedom
Recently I​ stumbled across a​ movie witch I​ have not seen in​ a​ while .​
It has been a​ few years since the movie the Matrix hit the big screen .​
Anyway if​ you have seen the movie do you remember when Neo,( Keano Reeves), had a​ hard time in​ the beginning when he was learning to​ jump from one building to​ another? When he was inside the computer, there was no limit to​ what he could do .​
But he never truly believed it .​
Then something happened at​ witch point he realized his limitations were self inflicted, and when he realized this he was able to​ break out of​ his mental handcuffs, and do anything he wanted .​
At that moment I​ realized that than truth was stranger than fiction .​
In today’s world of​ the computer and the internet, people have almost no limit to​ what they can do while on their computers.
Through experience I​ have observed that people have limited beliefs .​
I​ my self was limited by my beliefs at​ one time by setting up boundaries in​ my own mind .​
These barriers stopped me from any possibility of​ surpassing the limits of​ those beliefs, and the same goes for most people I​ have observed.
For example, many people think it​ is​ impossible for them to​ make $ 100,000- $250,000 – or​ even $1,000,000 a​ year working from home .​
Many people dream of​ working for themselves and fulfill their financial dreams, then the barriers pop up in​ their minds .​
People in​ general think whatever they are making or​ doing is​ all they are good for .​
But the truth of​ the matter is, you can make whatever amount you want .​
It’s you’re decision, the only one stopping you is​ you .​
Because there are those making those incomes and more.
If you believe you can do it​ you can, but if​ you believe you can’t you certainly won’t .​
So instead of​ rationalizing about what you can’t do to​ reach you’re goal, think about what you can do to​ reach you’re goal, think about what you can do to​ make it​ happen .​
Visualize you’re self having financial freedom, picture it​ in​ you’re mind .​
All the power and ability you need is​ there within you .​
Believe that you have the capacity and power to​ attain money making success, and you are half way there.
Many people would repeatedly complain that they are sick and tiered of​ their lives, but continue to​ do the same thing the same stuff day in​ and day out .​
They despite of​ their complaints continue to​ throw up those barriers that deprive them of​ the ability to​ change, and better them selves .​
That is​ the true meaning of​ insanity.
By doing this , you are training you’re subconscious mind to​ make you believe there is​ no other way to​ live.
Money may not be everything, but living you’re life the way you want it​ to​ be is .​
From my personal experience until I​ was able to​ change my thinking subconsciously I​ was very unhappy with my situation, whether it​ was financial or​ with my relationships .​
The same way you place mental limitations on you’re self,( subconsciously), you can also remove them .​
You and I​ and all of​ us have the ability and the power within ourselves to​ do it .​
There are no limitations it​ is​ only those barriers in​ outer minds that induce those limitations.
But just as​ importantly, action must be taken .​
The positive thoughts that you give you’re selves subconsciously require action to​ tare down the barriers you have spent all you’re lives constructing in​ you’re mind .​
Get motivated, go out and make the changes happen .​
The most powerful ally people have is​ self motivation.
Does making mistakes frighten you? Don’t let it! The more mistakes you make, the closer you get to​ success.
We live in​ the information age ,today everything you need to​ reach you’re goal is​ only a​ click away .​
Motivational e-books, how to​ home based businesses opportunities, with easy to​ follow instruction .​
Best of​ all you can get all of​ that with little or​ no money out of​ pocket .​
By redirecting the thought process all people can be like Neo and conquer their fears.

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