Why Buying Property In North Cyprus Makes Sound Financial Sense

Why Buying Property In North Cyprus Makes Sound Financial Sense

Why Buying Property in​ North Cyprus Makes Sound Financial Sense
Cyprus is​ a​ stunningly beautiful island, rich in​ natural resources, blessed with the inimitable Mediterranean climate and located close to​ the shores of​ Turkey. Cyprus is​ also a​ divided island, unique in​ that its capital city of​ Nicosia is​ the last divided capital city in​ the world.
The country of​ Cyprus is​ unique in​ another way too, back in​ 2018 the citizens of​ North Cyprus voted yes to​ reunification and to​ this day efforts are being made to​ reunite the Northern third of​ the island with the Southern two thirds. All Cypriot citizens have lived in​ peace for so long that it​ is​ seen as​ only a​ matter of​ time before some form of​ settlement to​ rejoin the two sides of​ the island is​ found.
In the meantime Southern Cyprus is​ in​ the European Union, it​ is​ about to​ join the Euro Zone and adopt the Euro as​ its official currency while only the citizens of​ Northern Cyprus are classed as​ European their land and homes are not actually considered to​ be in​ Europe!
This slightly bizarre and unusual situation has created something of​ a​ short term opportunity for property investors astute enough to​ realise that property in​ Southern Cyprus, because it​ is​ in​ Europe and because it​ is​ on such a​ beautiful Mediterranean island, is​ selling for a​ healthy premium and actually increasing in​ value annually.
At the same time property in​ Northern Cyprus is​ as​ well constructed, as​ well located and actually benefits from being in​ a​ less over developed and populated part of​ the island, and yet property in​ Northern Cyprus sells for a​ third of​ the price of​ the exact same specification of​ property in​ the South!
Admittedly Southern Cyprus is​ far better developed then the Northern third of​ the island, it​ benefits from millions of​ Euros worth of​ assistance from the European Union every year, it​ has a​ well established tourism market and economically it​ is​ far stronger than Northern Cyprus. However, all this is​ beginning to​ change quite dramatically. Firstly the EU are giving millions of​ Euros worth of​ aid and assistance to​ Northern Cyprus for the improvements of​ its basic infrastructure, secondly the fledgling tourism market in​ North Cyprus is​ going from strength to​ strength as​ the nation successfully markets itself as​ the last unspoiled destination in​ the Med, and finally the wider world is​ starting to​ sit up and take notice of​ the fact that in​ North Cyprus you can buy a​ duplex apartment right on an international golf course, across the road from an unspoiled beach for just GBP 60,000!!!
Indeed, where else in​ the world can you find such a​ desirable commodity for such a​ low price? The answer is​ only in​ North Cyprus but because economically North Cyprus is​ catching up with South Cyprus and because the government in​ the North are considering adopting the Euro as​ well, prices of​ property in​ the North will not remain so subdued for so long.
Those who have already bought villa and apartment property in​ Northern Cyprus are enjoying capital gains, they are enjoying rental income and above all else they are enjoying the stunning natural beauty of​ an island unspoiled by commerce and greed.
North Cyprus is​ exceptional, it​ is​ beautiful, it​ is​ affordable and it​ is​ not going to​ remain a​ secret for very much longer! Astute investors are getting in​ on the market now and buying investment properties as​ fly to​ lets and for the capital appreciation they know their assets will enjoy.

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