Why Buy Digital Cameras

Why Buy Digital Cameras

Why Buy Digital Cameras?
Technology development started at​ a​ very high pace during the​ 20th Century .​
Like many other areas of​ development, photography also saw major developments in​ its field .​
Photographic camera technology has seen a​ constant improvement from way back in​ 1913 when a​ 35 mm still camera was produced till 1985 when digital technology was first introduced in​ photography by Pixar.
Basically digital camera is​ an​ electronic gadget which captures and​ stores photographs in​ a​ digital format without using any processing films .​
The first true digital camera was launched in​ 1988 by Fuji Company .This camera used a​ memory card for​ storage purposes .​
The latest models of​ Digital Cameras are also able to​ record sound and​ video .​
These digital cameras store pictures on a​ small device called CCD (Charge Coupled Device) .​
From Digital cameras the​ images can be transferred to​ computer and​ the​ images can be edited with the​ help of​ software like Adobe Photoshop.
Advantages of​ digital cameras
Convenience of​ use: the​ foremost advantage of​ using the​ digital camera is​ that you don`t need to​ worry about buying films and​ changing the​ rolls .​
You can click as​ many pictures you want, transfer them to​ computer, have a​ close look at​ them and​ get only the​ good ones printed after editing them thoroughly.
Edit options: the​ Digital cameras allow you to​ edit the​ photographs in​ the​ easiest way with the​ help of​ software .​
The color, brightness and​ contrast of​ the​ photo can be adjusted and​ the​ image can be cropped and​ resized as​ required .​
This helps to​ optimize the​ resolution of​ the​ photographs.
Economical: Digital cameras are economical in​ the​ sense that they do away with the​ cost of​ films and​ the​ cost of​ processing .​
When pictures are taken in​ bulk quantity the​ cost of​ films saved works out to​ a​ considerable amount.
Flexibility: You can view the​ photo you have just clicked on the​ LCD display of​ the​ Digital Camera and​ if​ you don`t like it​ you can retake the​ same.
Disadvantages of​ digital cameras
Quality of​ output: for​ professional reproduction purposes the​ conventional film camera is​ still the​ best as​ digital cameras cannot match them in​ resolution and​ depth quality.
Initial Cost: the​ initial investment cost for​ digital camera is​ higher than the​ photo film camera .​
The cost of​ the​ camera for​ home use runs from around US$ 150 to​ $1000 whereas the​ professional models cost may go as​ high as​ US$20000.
Slower Speed: Digital cameras take some time for​ storing the​ images which is​ unsuitable for​ action photography in​ which you need very fast clicks.
Important features
The digital camera quality largely depends upon its optic features, color depth, resolution etc .​
While shopping for​ a​ digital camera one should take care of​ following.
High Resolution: Resolution of​ a​ digital camera depends upon its capacity to​ store the​ dots or​ pixels .​
The more pixels it​ can store the​ higher will be the​ resolution .​
Cameras with a​ capacity of​ 5 mega pixels or​ more are ideal for​ home photography while professional photographers may look for​ a​ capacity of​ more than 7 mega pixels.
Capacity: the​ capacity of​ the​ digital camera to​ store pictures is​ also very important .​
The cameras have a​ built in​ memory capacity and​ additional memory card slot to​ store pictures .​
The cost of​ the​ memory cards is​ high but nevertheless they are very important to​ serve the​ purposes of​ storage.
Bit Depth: This relates to​ the​ color capability or​ the​ capacity of​ a​ digital camera to​ reproduce colors .​
Good cameras are capable of​ handling 24 bit color which fulfills the​ range of​ the​ human eye.
Optics and​ zoom features: a​ good camera must have optical zoom lenses with automatic flashes in​ order to​ produce better images.
Display: a​ good LCD display is​ important for​ a​ digital camera as​ it​ allows the​ user to​ flip through the​ images he has taken.
The digital camera is​ certainly becoming more and​ more popular in​ the​ modern era and​ is​ set to​ replace the​ conventional ones for​ all general purposes.

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